• Installing cattools on cluser windows 2016

    I would like to install cattools on a windows 2016 cluster could you tell me if this is possible   Thank you for your help laurent  
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  • CatTools Database Password?

    Good morning, we had to migrate our CatTools to a new server. We did that and it worked fine for a week or so. But now when I go to open it, I am prompted for a database password. Of course, I don't recall ever creati...
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  • Syslog data loss observed.

    Hello All,   We have two systems with Kiwi Syslog server configured on it.   Both servers are receiving log data on default UDP port from the same source.   But at the EOD, Syslog files on both serve...
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  • Creating Custom Devices [HPE StoreFabric / Mellanox]

    Hi All   I'm trying to have CatTools to backup my HPE StoreFabric SN2010M storage switches. These switches are rebranded Mellanox switches   So far my first issue was that the enable mode on the CLI was w...
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  • Credentials Template in Kiwi Cattools

    We have many devices added in kiwi cattools using different credentials,  can we manage credential library or template which can be used quickly to add new devices.
  • CatTools custom script question

    Hi,   I'm trying to create a custom activity to start an executable with CatTools. I need that to do some advanced calculations from the result files of another activity immediately after that other activity e...
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  • Issue with Cattools

    I recently upgraded from Cisco 3560X switches to 9300 switches. When I create the profile for the devices in cattools, I can ping and I can ssh from the profile and cattools runs on the machine I've tested it from, bu...
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  • Device Type issues with Catools enterprise v3.11

    I would LOVE to know why there are issues backing up configs with kiwi cat tools when you cannot actually specify your products (Device type)   For example -  Catalyst switches - in order to backup successf...
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  • vyatta router backup

    Hi   We would like to backup vyatta routers using cat tools. Looks like the same question was asked a few years ago, but there is no answer if it could be done?   Backup Device Config for Vyatta   T...
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  • What Are We Working on for Kiwi CatTools - Updated on October 3rd 2019

    To receive updates on the Kiwi CatTools roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   Additional Device Support Arista switch support for Kiwi CatTools Usability Enhancements
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  • Cisco SG350

    Is there anyone who can backup a Cisco SG350 switch using cattools 3.11.?
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  • Cisco SG550 and SG500 switch backup

    Hi,   We have several cisco small business switches that we would like to get backed up. The error we are seeing after adding the first switch and running a config back up "did not receive command prompt after ...
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  • Issue on version report new Cisco cat9k

    Hi there,   I have an issue running Version Table report on the new Cisco Catalyst 9k switches. The error I get is "Client Script error: Invalid procedure call or argument:  'Mid' on line: 4551   Is ...
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  • CatTools - Unable to connect to HP Procurve 8206

    I've just grabbed a copy of CatTools for eval to backup our switch configurations periodically. Cattools seems to login correctly, but doesn't recognise that its logged in? I've tried entering various objects in the ...
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  • Fortigate v6.0 and Kiwi Cattools backup

    Hi all,   Can anyone share how to setup/configure the Fortigate 501E v6.0.5 to be able to do the backup using Kiwi Cattools? the Fortigate KB on the website is quite outdated,i'm not sure if it still can be app...
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  • Kiwi Cattools Juniper Firewall

    Im trying to connect a stand alone laptop to Juniper SRX345 cluster. From the PC, I have full connectivity to the SRX but unable to connect.   Has anyone had any issues with this?   TIA Jim
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  • Cat Tools not backing up Aruba Switch Config

    I have scoured the discussion threads and haven't found one that works for my situation.   I am trying to SSH2 into an Aruba switch stack using the following settings: And am getting the Did not receive comma...
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    Hi Everyone,   i would like to seek help as to where my issue lies on my device config. since our juniper device could not be access directly from our desktop we need to first access a jump-host server via our ...
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  • juniper router m7i/ex4200

    Hello    I can not work with the juniper router When trying to run thr cli.modify.config it gives me the following error message: "device type: juniper.router has not yet had this functionality. skipping...
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  • Device.Backup.TFTP use wrong address of TFTP server

    I created Device.Backup.TFTP activity and as device selected one of ours FortiGate device. When I run the activity to backup the configuration, it ends with error: Did not receive echo of execute backup running-confi...
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