• ipMonitor 11 Widget Size

    How do I change the height of a widget?   In previous versions you could modify the line: var height = _minictx.height ? IPM.ui.topx(_minictx.height)[0] : 300; In the file <install dir>:\SolarWinds\ipMon...
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  • Report to find out servers not rebooted for 'n' number of days

    Hello All,   Good Evening!!   This is Dhyanesh Mehta, back again with another query. Is there any way we can generate a report to scan and find out which devices/servers have not been rebooted since last 3...
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  • email notification to Office 365 account

    We are using the free ipMonitor tool to monitor pings on all production servers. I have all of the settings in place for Office 365 email notifications but they fail to get to the accounts. They work when I point them...
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  • How I learned about ipMonitor for the first time?

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    created by Peter Krutý
  • TCP\UDP monitor always up

    Hi,   last server failure showed that even if server was not reachable, monitor for Active Directory - tcp 389 - was still showing as up and available. Even if I forced the test status didn't change. Is it bug ...
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  • Setup Email alert on ipMonitor Free version

    Hi there,   I want to set up email alert for about 40 servers. for the following problem if the server reboots or drops Paket.   Vinay
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  • What We're Working On - ipMonitor (updated Dec 2019)

    To receive updates on the ipMonitor roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   ipMonitor 11.0 is now available, and we are actively working on the next release. Some new and exciting enhancements being looked...
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  • ipMonitor 11.0 is Now Available - Check Out the New GUI

    I am very excited to announce ipMonitor version 11.0 is now generally available for download from the Customer Portal.  Version 11.0 continues the work of improving security and supportability, but also adds the ...
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  • Origen correos Gmail

    Hola,   estoy recibiendo numerosos correos de una misma persona con la distintas cuentas. He intentado en varias páginas y no me dan una respuesta. Incluso he probado en Professional Toolset | DNSstuff...
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  • IPMonitor: How to do a "Force Test" on hundreds of machines at the same time?

    Hello,   We got a failure of network for about 7 hours ... 300 machines went off the network and appeared as not responding Ping, CPU, Memory, Drives, Services, etc... on IP monitor. I would like to send a force...
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  • Count processes - IPMonitor

    I need to monitor the number of specific process on a server where i have limited concurrent user license for an application.   Multiple users login to the application & the task manager on the server shows ...
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  • ipMonitor Server Name Change

    When I installed our ipMonitor it took the name of my computer name which in turn created the link to the dashboard to be: (My computer name).(ourdomain).com   Is there a way to fix this? - I would like for it...
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  • Upgrade from v10.8.3 to v10.9.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2

    I have ipMonitor v10.8.3 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 and upgraded to 10.9.1 however the service "ipmonitorsrv" keeps failing with a general "app crash" error in the application event log. I have checked the pre ...
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  • IPv6 support

    Where does IPv6 support sit in the ipMonitor roadmap?  Hopefully its sooner rather than later. I hadn't been too concerned about this previously, but today I attended an industry summit on the topic.  IPv4 ...
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  • Using RPC during device scan

    Hello Thwack team,   In my lab, I have free IPMonitor 10.9.1 running on Windows Server 2012R2.  Service runs as Local System.  Target is a Windows 10 Home PC.  No domains, just straight Workgroup....
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  • Monitor wmi namespace root\MSCluster with IPMonitor

    Hello   We have tried to monitor a Microsoft Failover Cluster with IPMonitor, but apparently the application has to use the authentication level "Packet Privacy", which IPMonitor doesn't support I assume. We ca...
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  • IPMonitor stopped capturing report data?

    I run IPMonitor at work (love it) and downloaded the free edition for my home lab environment.  I just noticed for the last month IPMonitor has stopped producing reports with values.  Everything is blank or ...
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  • IPmonitor Discover not Discovering properly

    IPmonitor is not scanning when using the discover function properly. It acts like if finds things and then it never shows them to add them at the end. After I do this once if I run a scan again the scan completed noti...
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  • Custom Device Type

    Is it posible to create a "Custom" device type? or when is IPmonitor going to add more device types? I have lots of Access Points and I have all of them as unknown devices. There is not an Access Point Device type, ne...
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  • Run a report to gather information?

    Hi there,   When I edit a device I see there is a field where I can add in Operating system information or system description.  Is there able to run a report to show this information?   Say to run a r...
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