• Monitor wmi namespace root\MSCluster with IPMonitor

    Hello   We have tried to monitor a Microsoft Failover Cluster with IPMonitor, but apparently the application has to use the authentication level "Packet Privacy", which IPMonitor doesn't support I assume. We ca...
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  • IPMonitor stopped capturing report data?

    I run IPMonitor at work (love it) and downloaded the free edition for my home lab environment.  I just noticed for the last month IPMonitor has stopped producing reports with values.  Everything is blank or ...
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  • IPmonitor Discover not Discovering properly

    IPmonitor is not scanning when using the discover function properly. It acts like if finds things and then it never shows them to add them at the end. After I do this once if I run a scan again the scan completed noti...
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  • Custom Device Type

    Is it posible to create a "Custom" device type? or when is IPmonitor going to add more device types? I have lots of Access Points and I have all of them as unknown devices. There is not an Access Point Device type, ne...
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  • Count processes - IPMonitor

    I need to monitor the number of specific process on a server where i have limited concurrent user license for an application.   Multiple users login to the application & the task manager on the server shows ...
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  • What We're Working On - ipMonitor

    To receive updates on the ipMonitor roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   ipMonitor 10.9 is now available, and we are actively working on the next release. Some new and exciting enhancements being looked...
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  • Run a report to gather information?

    Hi there,   When I edit a device I see there is a field where I can add in Operating system information or system description.  Is there able to run a report to show this information?   Say to run a r...
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  • Not able to get traps for Firewalls and Network Devices

    Hi I tried configuring trap based alerting , but somehow am not able to receive any kind of traps. On initial level we kept the Syslogs and Trap services disabled, but even after enabling the services I am not able to...
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  • Unable to transfer license

    I migrated ipmonitor 10.8.2 to a new server following these directions: Move a licensed installation of ipMonitor 10 to another system - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support . When I try to re-activate the new ...
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  • ipMonitor Evaluation - SNMP

    Hi. We are evaluating ipMonitor SNMP with a Nutanix HCI. Looks that ipMonitor does not have in the SNMP dB the Nutanix MIB (even is on the Orion MIB dB). The Solarwinds ipMonitor Support mentioned a process (Import M...
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  • Monitor PostgreSQL

    I am trying to configure a monitor for a Postgres database. I am having trouble finding instructions on how to add the ado connection   When I run the wizard it gives me a list of unavailable databases that can ...
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  • SSL/TLS for SMTP

    I can't seem to figure out where to configure smtp to use SSL.  I have given a credential set and setup for smtp.gmail.com with the proper port but it always fails to send.
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  • Activation Key - ipmonitor

    I received an email from SolarWinds with the subject line: Your ipMonitor Free Edition Is Here   I downloaded and installed the application. Now its asking me for an activation key. What do I do here? In my cust...
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  • I can't get get TCP port 19 to get through to monitor Network Speed (Using IPMonitor)

    I have ServerA that IS ABLE to be monitored through the required TCP port 19.  Windows firewall is off.  When I port query it, it tells me that it is listening and I'm able to Network Speed Monitor it succes...
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  • Reports in IP Monitor

    Dear All,   I am little new to entire suite of Solarwinds products. I downloaded IP monitor and installed the same. I can see reports of CPU, MEMORY, etc. are provided. So is there any difference between the rep...
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  • Alerting and Viewing SNMP Traps

    So, after looking through the community and the documentation it looks like I have successfully setup an SNMP Trap monitor. The snmptrap log file has successful traps. Now I want to be able to view those traps through...
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  • Trouble Installing ipMonitor

    I am attempting to test the free trial of ipMonitor. I get an error when installing.   Error 1920.Service SolarWinds Discovery Service (SolarWinds Discovery Service) failed to start.  Verify that you have ...
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  • Uninstall ipMonitor

    How do uninstall ipMonitor?  Add/Remove programs did not work.  Services and folders still running.  I want to completely uninstall this program completely.  Do you have uninstall utility?
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  • orion or IpMonitor Automation?

    I'm looking into ways to mass add devices to a network monitoring software using scripts. It doesn't IpMonitor has any feature that would let me add devices to it with command line scripts or POST. Do Orion / NPM have...
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  • Do you use ipMonitor?  Write a review for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

    ipMonitor® is featured on Capterra®, a business software review site. If you’re an ipMonitor user, please consider writing us a review to help others evaluate if our software is the right IT monitoring...
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