• Custom HTML & NOC views

    I am interested in bringing in an outside wesite in my NOC view rotation. This started with wanting to show the weather with our network atlas map, and now they requested a second website.  When i tried to use th...
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  • SNMPSET via Button Click on an Orion View

    hi All,   Long time reader, 1st post here. I manage a solarwinds NPM instance for a large private telecom network. Im trying to figure out how I can best put a function into NPM that allows me to execute an SNMP...
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  • Progress tracking chart

    Has anyone found a way to chart progress for IOS upgrades? Currently I do this in Excel, and I keep asking myself why I can't do this in Solarwinds it has all the pieces? I think I just need to put them together. My c...
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  • is it possible to import nagios or WhatsUp Gold maps in solarwinds?

    Hi, I have an old setup with network map made with nagios 2 and old whatsup gold and want to know if i can import network maps into solarwinds npm software. best reards   Francesco
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    created by fmasotti
  • Mapping Question

    Hello Thwackers,   When we go to a node and to the Map tab, we find that physical interfaces will show the node on the other side of the interface, while tunnel interfaces show only the interface itself and not ...
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    created by brentbo
  • Load Balancer?

    We are looking to replace our Cisco ACE with something and are interested to see what you guys are using for this. This is for load balancing inbound web traffic/servers, SSL-izing, reverse proxy and maybe authentica...
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  • Changing Default Dynamic WMI Port's to Static Specific Port's Windows 2012 Server's

    Dear Experts,   I am facing a challange in using WMI Dynamic Port's which is allocated by default. DCOM's dynamic port allocation feature offers great flexibility in that programmers and administrators alike are...
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  • ASR 1001 - X

    Hi,   I have added a manual poller via Thwack Community to poll my ASR 1001-X and it is not supported. I also go to the PollerCheckerTool and find no details for my device.   Do i need an updated Solarwi...
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  • display max capactity of Interface and monitor

    Hi,   I've just created a report where i display the peak transmit and peak received traffic of our firewall, only i don't know how to add the visibility of the max capacity available of this link.   Can s...
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  • Alert supression notification?

    Is it possible to get an alert or action after someone suppresses a node for specific device? Basically we have multiple teams managing the same devices and I'd like to know if its possible to alert specific team (via...
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  • Monitoring nodes via TCP ports

    We have a few legacy systems that are not pingable. Previously we were using nagios to monitor the boxes via multiple tcp ports (say 22,3389 etc). Is there a way to monitor nodes via tcp ports in solarwinds?   P...
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  • Has anyone pulled Signal Strength and Quality from Cradle point devices into Solarwinds

    We have deployed a number of cradle point cellular routers to mobile sites and small locations. i was wondering if anyone has attempted or was able to pull the Signal Strength and Quality (RSL and Signal to noise) int...
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  • HA Setup and Scheduled Tasks

    If we have an HA setup of Solarwinds, including our APE's and one of the APE's has a scheduled task configured for a recurring maintenance, then do we also need to seprately create that same schedule on its HA box?
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  • SNMP Fails with " Test Failed. Exception of type 'SolarWinds.ApiProxyFactory.TransientApiProxyException' was thrown. "

    FYI For anyone who gets the above failure (Test Failed. Exception of type 'SolarWinds.ApiProxyFactory.TransientApiProxyException' was thrown.) on an SNMP test this seems to be (in a couple cases I've had in different ...
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  • Roles and Permissions In Network Config and Management

    Not everyone needs the same access to network management systems. Too often, we take the easy path when assigning access credentials on our important tools (and the network resources they manage) and treat all users t...
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  • WANTED - Inventory/Asset management DB application

    Can anyone recommend a good application like this: An Inventory or Asset management Database application. Must haves: Customizable fields for entering any type of data Searchable by any field or data, returning al...
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  • Switch Port Usage report

    As a self confessed non understander of reports within Solarwinds is there a way I can make it:   Tell me the number of ports in use (at the time of running the report) for a specific subset of devices?
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    created by stuartd
  • Menu Bars, Menu Items

    Hello Everyone,   Using SQL Studio, I can find dbo.MenuBars and dbo.MenuItems easily enough. But I can't find these tables through SWQL studio. Can anyone help?   Cheers! Brent Papworth
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  • Solarwinds windows agent

    Hi, I am new to Solarwinds RMM and do not much about it. I installed Solarwinds RMM agent on Windows 10 PC that I want to monitor through it.I am able to synchronized this PC with Server. But when I reboot the PC, ...
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  • Orphaned Limitations clarificaiton

    I just ran a Orion Deployment Health Check and one of the items that came back was to check for orphaned limitations.  It supplied a list of found orphaned limitations and then a KB article to resolve it.  T...
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