• Allow Engineer Toolset tools to poll SNMP using Orion NPM Server IP

    One feature I really like about Engineer Toolset is the integration into Orion NPM.  I frequently use the bandwith gauges but alot of time are unable to use them because all of our devices have an ACL applied to ...
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    created by wesley_brown
  • Switchport mapper to create description in switch based on DNS/Name

    It would be awesome if I could run mapper on a switch, get all the DNS/system name data and say " add as description" to have the mapper login to the switch and update the interface descriptions.   Seems like de...
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    created by familyofcrowes
  • How Can we improve toolset menu ?

    Hi to all,     We want to improve toolset right click menu. We use Toolset v10.8 and we can't change it for v10.8. Anymore toolset menu is keeping in menu.xml and We want to create sub menu in menu.xml. So a...
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    last modified by supiya
  • Adding SSL Login as an Icon next to telnet

    On the IP Network Browser you have a number of choices of tools. I have added the SSH, but it is only accessible via the menu drop down under Nodes/Tools. This works but I'm spoiled. We have government mandated PCI se...
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    last modified by Bob Hatcher
  • Continue MIB Walk after Timeout

    It would be really nice if the MIB Walk could remember where it left off when you get a timeout error and pick up there to start again.  I've been trying for 3 days to walk a device and I keep getting timeouts af...
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    created by beijota2
  • Getting details of installed Optics

    Cisco has requested a full breakdown of all our installed optics. We used SW to get serial number and some other basic details - is there the ability to do interogate the Cisco devices to show the level of details nee...
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    created by RobKing
  • Host Export for Kiwi Syslog server

    Hello, Since the feature isn't available in Kiwi Syslog server (not in the service Manager nor in the Web access) , i'd like de place a feature request. I'd like to have an export function or a overview function to ...
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    created by Damaverick
  • Does Orion have an IPv6 calculator built into it?

    I could not find an IPv6 calculator within the Orion-Solarwinds download session. Furthermore, the "Free Subnet Calculator" tool is not IPv6 capable. Can Orion-SolarWinds build an IPv6 calculator tool for NC...
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    created by mpayamps
  • Help us help you get the features you want.  Give us the why...

    Greetings to all,   SolarWinds has made it a priority to hear the voices of all our customers, and we make a point of letting you know you are heard.  We understand the need to see changes and improvements...
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    created by DanielleH
  • Feaure request (Mass snmp enable)

    SNMP Enabler is a good thinking freeware product. But it has lack some fundemental features. It should have an option for - System Contact Name - System Location - Send autentication trap (uncheck) It doesn't matt...
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    created by ctopaloglu
  • Interface Chart - Export to Excel

    I need to be able to export interface chart statistics to Excel, but cannot find any way to do this from the interface chart menu's or the manuals. A support case has confirmed this is not available and suggested a fe...
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    created by euan
  • Toolset Intgration Request

    Please add "Open Link in New Tab/Window" or better yet preserve the entire list of options.
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    created by pyro13g
  • Tool or Script to change SNMP Settings on Windows Servers

    Hello, I wanted to know if there is a Tool or Script to change SNMP Settings on Windows Servers. Regards
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    created by hnz980
  • Auto Web Publish

    Why isnt this an option on all the widgets?
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    created by SLXer
  • IPAM refresh

    Please, please, PLEASE fix IPAM so it doesn't refresh the entire list of subnets every time it switches from one subnet to the next to scan. Very annoying.
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    created by dwil49
  • Add a Visual Indicator of threshold status on Gauges

    A visual indicator that a theshold has been reached on the Gauge tool would be useful. This could be implemented by changing the color of the needle when in "Warn" or "Critical" or/and Add a warn or critical dot/sym...
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    created by agljklcnvtx
  • Modifying the Interface Gauge Monitor Custom Threshold Selection Window

    Adding comas to seperate each group of three numbers or a color on every other grouping of three numbers would make it easier to determine where the breaks are between Meg and Gig etc so modifying the thresholds would...
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    created by agljklcnvtx
  • Custom install script

    Please, in the next version, provide a custom install script which could allow the installer to choose which components to install. This is VERY important for DoD customers as some of the tools could be seen as vulner...
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    created by sotherls
  • Tab Printing in Workspace Studio

    Is there a method for printing an entire tab in Workspace studio? Scenario: Looking at multiple statistics from multiple ports for comparison. I would like to see an embedded method for printing them all at once. ...
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    created by nsblue
  • where can i put license key?

    I have a evalution verson software downloaded from solarwinds and i have a license key also but where can i put this license key?
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    created by tejgurung