Before getting to the beta, let's please start with a small recap for the readers unfamiliar with the Engineer’s Toolset (ETS):


ETS, currently a package of 60+ desktop tools, is the first product SolarWinds started with and from which many of our latter products have developed:

  • Network Performance Monitor - as the enterprise reincarnation of all the ETS Interface/Bandwidth Monitors, Gadgets, Chart tools...
  • Network Configuration Manager - extending previous functionality of Config Downloader/Uploader/TFTP server, allowing re-occurrence/scheduling…
  • User Device Tracker - putting database into play and allowing Switch Port Mapper to take you back in time when tracking anything connected to your network
  • Etc…


With the 15th anniversary of SolarWinds this year and considering the fact that many of our products are on the “Orion” web platform, we've decided to combine the “Orion” with the Toolset in a new way too. Newly integrated tools will be now reachable from any client (regardless if it’s a desktop, tablet or a smartphone) and the list counts:

  • Real-time Interface Monitor
  • Real-time CPU Monitor
  • Real-time Memory Monitor
  • Response Time Monitor
  • Trace route
  • * picture for those who don't like lists...






Feature-wise, you will find out everything important in this beta, so only one advice to keep in mind: Don’t run a beta on a production server!


For getting the download link, please fill this 5-step questionnaire, confirming:

  • email and the thwack ID so you can be awarded some points
  • valid maintenance for the Toolset
  • the fact you will really not install it in a production…

I will be sending you the link in the email after your maintenance is validated, so please allow some time for a processing…


Thanks and looking forward your comments

Peter Ksenzsigh