With the release of ETS version 11.0 getting closer, here is a small summary of what our team has done in a past couple of months.

Thanks to your votes in the surveys and a number of interviews, we’ve identified following real-time tools as the best fit in our new Engineer’s Toolset on a Web, which will be delivered with the normal Engineer’s Toolset installation:

Response Time Monitor

Interface Monitor

CPU Monitor

Memory Monitor

Trace Route


All of these tools will be accessible from the Web console - Toolset Tab:


But also integrated as a drop-down menus built into the most used resources:




Below you can see that tools are suggested per their relevance to a resource from which they are called, e.g. you will not be bothered by an option to monitor a CPU on an interface… In a future, with more tools on a web, this will make calling them much easier and faster.


With moving tools to the web, Admin will be required to set level of access to these tools for each user. For the sake of simplicity, it will be the same place where you will be able to manage assignment of your seats to users. The number of seats will be defined by your license and you will be required to assign them to users before they can start using the Toolset on Web (by default, Admin will be given the first seat…).


All Monitor tools will share also another feature: ability to monitor also Orion-non-managed node. This should be helpful if ran out of licenses on your Orion but in a need of troubleshooting of another device. Imagine you have just added a new device to your HSRP pair, but can see this HSRP flapping - issue which could be caused by high CPU utilization. To move forward with your root cause analysis, you can compare CPUs of both devices in this pair to catch any anomalies.


Other times you can be about to monitor interfaces on Orion managed device and want to compare with un-managed interfaces – just click Add Unmanaged Device, fill in the credentials and start discovery… After selecting the interfaces you are interested in you can continue to a next page – chart or a table view.


Speaking of charts – available for CPU, Memory, Interface and Response time Monitor, with up to 12 optional metrics which can be rendered on a chart, with thresholds off, like on the picture above, or turned on like below:


Naturally - Metrics, Thresholds, Polling intervals – all editable in the settings page for each tool… This may come handy when, for example, troubleshooting increasing errors on interfaces, but unable to get required granularity of the data with only 1 min polling intervals in NPM. So you go to your Toolset, start the Interface monitor, set the polling intervals to 15 sec ( minimum is 5) and can see how the errors correlate with the utilization - in the real time.


Since there may be customers, buying Toolset and not having other Orion-based products, we’ve decided to provide different installation packages (including/excluding Orion core and SQL…).

If installing the “Orion included” package on a fresh new server (so far no other Orion based product has been installed on this machine), you will get the basic Orion core/resources, also with the ability to monitor 50 interfaces/volumes/nodes. If decided to install on an existing Orion server, your 50 nodes will be added to the limit you have already (so if having NPM license for 100 nodes and will purchase ETS, you will have 150 manageable nodes together…)


Last but not least, Engineer's Toolset on Web will be accessible from your mobile device too :