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Let’s dream for a while—imagine your databases. All of them are running fast and smooth. There’s no critical issue, no warnings. All requests are handled immediately and the response time is literally immeasurable. Sounds like a database nirvana, doesn’t it? Now, let’s face reality. You resolved all critical issues of the database, but people still report slowdowns. Everything looks good at a first glance, but your sixth sense tells you something bad is happening under the surface. You could start shooting in the dark and hope that you will hit the target, or you need more information about what’s going inside the database to make a single, surgically precise cut to solve the problem.


We’ve got good news for you. SolarWinds has a new tool called SQL Plan Warnings. For the first time, you can inspect the list of queries that have warnings without spending hours on manual and labor-intensive work. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention—this tool is available for you right now for free.

Why do we believe that the free SQL Plan Warnings tool can help you improve your databases? Well, SQL Server Optimizer often comes up with bad plans with warnings. That can cause increased resource consumption, increased wait time, and unnecessary end-user or customer angst. For these reasons, a database professional should look at it. But we don’t always have time or resources to do so.


SQL Plan Warnings free tool at a glance:

  • Gives you unique visibility into plan warnings that can be easily overlooked and can affect query performance
  • Sort all warnings by consumed CPU time, elapsed time, or execution
  • Filter results by warning type or by specific keywords
  • Investigate plan warnings, query text, or complete query plan in a single click
  • No installation is needed—just download the tool and run
  • Runson Microsoft Windows and MacOS X


And what can SQL Plan Warnings check for you?

  • Spill to TempDB – Sorts that are larger than estimated can spill to disk via TempDB. This can dramatically slow down queries. There are two similar warnings that fall into this category.
  • No join predicates – Query does not properly join tables/objects, which can cause Cartesian products and slow queries.
  • Implicit conversion – A column of data is being converted to another data type, which can cause a query to not use an index.
  • Missing indexes – SQL Server is telling us there is an index that may help performance.
  • Missing column statistics – If statistics are missing, it can lead to bad decisions by the optimizer.
  • Lookup warning – An index is being used, but it's not covering an index, and a visit back to the table is required to complete the query.


The free SQL Plan Warnings tool brings a fresh new feature to your database management capabilities and gives you another tool to improve query performance. Download it here today and be another step closer to our dream—everything in a database running fast and smooth with no critical issues and no warnings.

Have you adopted Azure cloud services into your IT infrastructure? And do you know how much you paid last month and for what? And what about forecasting? Are you able to forecast your Azure spending in the current month? If the answer is no, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Unfortunately, Azure billing is really complicated with more than 15,000 SKUs available, and each have their own rate. But SolarWinds is here to help you! We’re proud to introduce a brand new free tool in our portfolio!

Cost Calculator for Azure is a standalone free tool that can help you discover how much you are paying for your Azure cloud services. It is as easy as it could be – you put the credentials of all your Azure accounts into the tool, so it can do all the work for you, telling you how much you really pay and for what specifically. This tool is designed to help all budget holders and SysAdmins of any sized-business who are responsible for cloud resources in their companies.


Cost Calculator for Azure at a glance:

  • No installation
  • Support
  • Show cost of all assigned Azure accounts and their subscriptions plans. There is no need to have more instances and work with Excel spreadsheet to have an overall number.
  • Show spending in current month, last month, last quarter, or year? Still not enough? You can set up your own timeframe that fits you.
  • Find orphaned objects
  • Consolidate all spending and show the final expense in users‘ preferred currency.
  • Filter spending

As you can see, Cost Calculator for Azure is a lightweight and easy to use tool that can help make your IT professional life a little bit easier thanks to better forecasting of your Azure cloud spending. And the best thing comes at the end – Cost Calculator for Azure is available completely for FREE!

So, why don’t you give a try? Click the link below to download your Cost Calculator for Azure free tool by SolarWinds. No installation needed.


Cost Calculator for Azure – Download Free Tool

Let’s be honest, all of us need an SSH client from time to time. And when that SSH client is needed, most of us just use the standard PuTTY tool without question. Does this mean that PuTTY is a really good tool? Sure, it is… but could it be even better? We believe so. And we decided to prove it.


After months of development, we’re happy to introduce you to SolarWinds® Solar-PuTTY, an enhanced version of the most popular SSH client on the internet. We like PuTTY for its reliability and speed. And when you have to change anything on the server remotely, it’s still a decent choice… until you need to manage saved sessions, or if you’d like to connect to more servers at one time, or if you want to use the same script 100 times.


In all these scenarios, PuTTY has its limits. And at SolarWinds, we don’t like limits. So, we went beyond them and pushed PuTTY to the next level.


So, what are the key benefits of using Solar-PuTTY as your SSH client?

  • A new, fresh, browser-like interface—it’s easy to navigate, and everything is available in just a few clicks
  • Manage multiple sessions from a single console with a tabbed interface—you don’t have to run countless instances of the tool when you need work on more machines at the same time. All sessions are available in a single console with info about the name and status
  • Save your sessions, credentials, or private keys for easy login—you can access any saved session from the homepage with a single click. Usernames, passwords, and private keys can be stored and linked to one or multiple sessions when it’s needed
  • Filter saved sessions based on IP address, hostname, login, or tags—start typing into a search bar, and Solar-PuTTY will apply the filter in real time.
  • Automate all scripts you’re using when a connection is established—is there a set of commands you need to use right after initializing a telnet connection? When you need just a minute to do it one time, it sounds like no big deal… but what about a situation where you need to do it 100 times per a day? Save the script once and let Solar-PuTTY do it automatically
  • Auto-reconnect to a timed-out session—what if something goes wrong? Solar-PuTTY gives you details about what happened and the option to reconnect to the server with a single click. You don’t have to set up everything from scratch
  • Last but not least, Solar-PuTTY is available for free


As you can see, Solar-PuTTY keeps all the strengths of the original open source tool and adds the most-demanded features to bring you the best possible experience with SSH clients on the market. It’s time to say goodbye to Excel® spreadsheets and start managing your remote sessions in a more professional way.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below to download your Solar-PuTTY free tool by SolarWinds. No installation needed.

Solar-PuTTY Software – Download Free SSH Client

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