• acknowledged alerts report

    Hi guys,   As we all know that events are triggered as alerts and then alerts gets acknowledged/reset/deleted. I would like to learn more what exactly happens when an alert is acknowledged ? I believe it gets re...
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  • Can you use filter string to filter several OUs at same time to find locked out users of only specific

    I am not a scripter so I need to see an example of how you would modify this default filter line to query several different OU in a domain including child OUs.  The reason is to find out only specific locked out ...
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  • SQL Version Information Stored Procedure

    I am creating a stored procedure to iterate all servers linked to the current server and grab the version information as pulled from the remote server.  This method is probably not the most efficient way to walk ...
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  • sp_Server_VersionInformation_Generic.sql

    This is a file i use during audits to quickly enumerate my SQL servers from the auditors perspective.  Rather odd approach but once you have been through an audit .... methods and procedures will boggle your mind...
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  • qry_GRANT_examples.sql

    a few examples of parameterized sql grant statements.  I'll add more if suggestions provided.
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  • sample_datetime_usages.sql

    This is an example script from my toolkit that helps me to quickly review the various different ways of performing date math in sql server.
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  • How to create a vbscript that runs a batch file on a remote server?

    How to create a vbscript that runs a batch file on a remote server?   I have a requirement to create a vbscript that runs a batch file (when triggered on a certain condition) on a remote server. I have the basi...
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  • Correct Order of Script to search specific OU(s) for locked out users and not just entire Domain

    Seems script for ADLockout only works if I have one line of string:  It will work for onlty the last line of this "ou=IT people,ou=users,ou=site" I want it to look thru all the strings of OU's.  Do I need to...
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  • Automated and dynamic application of SAM templates, specifically linux disk perl monitor

    I asked this question in the SAM forum and was directed here by alterego as you guru's may be able to point me in the right direction.   This question is Not Answered.    65pony Oct 29, 2014 9:51...
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  • Looking for a powershell script to monitor if the exchange store is mounted.

    I just wondering if any of you have written a script in powershell that would allow me to monitor if the store is mounted.  Occasionally after reboots the store has not been mounted which causes some embarrassmen...
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  • ConvertDate Function returns incorrect date

    I wasn't really sure where the best place to put this was I figure since it's a script question I'd put it here, even though it's a script for a SAM monitor.   What I'm using is this.-> SolarWinds Knowledge B...
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  • Restart Scheduled Task?

    I need to be able to run a script via an alert action that will restart a scheduled task on a remote server when it fails to run correctly.  I am already monitoring the tasks and have the alert built, just need t...
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  • ASP.NET Web App under SW Site

    Hi all, I am not sure there is right forum. I just have an question about ASP.NET web application. The web application is published under SolarWinds Orion Web Site but is located physically another folder. I just got...
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  • Sql query to extract raw metrics from application / components

    I have a request to produce from solarwinds the application / components configured in SolarWinds database.   I know there is report writer and accordding to my architect he wants the same raw data that Repo...
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  • How can I have PowerShell talk to SAM and CMDB

         I have a powershell script that talks to SAM at the backend, which then talks to CMDB. PS calls SAM.exe then "Unmanage" a CI from CMDB.       # Unamanage CI in CMDB ...
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  • Run php script in SAM

    I have a very simply script which does nothing more than tests the connection to the database from our webserver. The script is as follows :   <?php error_reporting(0);    $host   &n...
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  • Count of files matching a filename pattern.

    We have a request from a server owner to monitor for the count of files matching a specific filename pattern, and to generate an alert when that count is exceeded. Currently that group is handling this via batch file,...
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  • PowerShell script won't return results

    I'm trying to get a count of files in a directory that are over 30 minutes old.  Unfortunately, when I test the script output I just sit and wait on an indefinitely spinning wheel--not even an error or a 0. When...
    Anthony Ussery
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  • Alert and Acknowledgement Report

    I'm trying to create a SQL Query that over a period of a month will give me the amount of alerts and the number of alerts that were acknowledged.  I would like also to break these numbers down into custom propert...
    Lester Grant
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  • create a node in SAM datatabase getting the data from out cmdb via Automation ... help ?

    Need guidance on how to create a node in SAM datatabase getting the data from out cmdb via Automation ... help ?   I have been tasked to Automate in getting new nodes and removal of nodes from out CMDB into the ...
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