• SQL Query For VM/Physical in SAM

    Need a SQL script that lists all servers in SAM, sorted by whether they're physical or VM, and creates a table with columns showing node name, IP address, and host (if VM). I don't need a count - I need node names and...
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  • Hello, I want to read a value of the Windows Registry Database, and if the value matches my condition, i want the application monitor status to be up or down. How would I go about doing this?

    Hello, I want to read a value of the Windows Registry Database, and if the value matches my condition, i want the application monitor status to be up or down. How would I go about doing this?
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  • Help needed with modifying PS script for folder age for SAM 6.2

    I have the following requirements for a monitor   If there are any files that exist in this location that end in "_N", with a "Date Modified" > 1 day (or 24 hours) beyond the current date, send a notification...
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  • BizTalk 2013 SQL Query Output

    I am attempting to monitor the orchestration count from my BizTalk Server using a SQL Query in Solarwinds. I am using the following SQL Query:   SET NOCOUNT ON SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ COMMITTED SE...
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  • I need to modify the PowerShell Log monitor script to search for error, but exclude any lines in the log file that contain "error|gcp_payment"

    I am unable to add any exclusions with the built in PowerShell Log monitor.  Can I get a modified script to check for the word error in a log file, but exclude any line that has the following text "erro|gcp_payment"
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  • File lock monitor?

    Is there a simple way to monitor file locks in Solarwinds? I'm looking to get the number of file locks on files in a specified folder, and if I can the name of the file and the user(s) on it.
    Anthony Ussery
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  • Need a PowerShell Script to Monitor XenApp "LoginsEnabled"

    A few weeks ago I made a post in the SAM forum about the need to monitor XenApp LoginsEnabled through PowerShell. See Citrix XenApp 6.5 - Need to monitor "LoginsEnabled". aLTeReGo suggested I try the script lab instea...
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  • SQL Script - Audit events

    --below script will give result set of audit events SELECT DISTINCT    DATEADD(hh, -7, ae.[TimeLoggedUtc]) TimeLogged    ,ae.[AccountID]    ,ae.[AuditEventMessage] [Audit Event] FROM...
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  • SQL Script - acknowledge annoying alerts

    --find nodeids from Nodes tables-- SELECT NodeID from [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[Nodes] WHERE Caption IN ('Server1', 'Server2', 'Server3', etc) --below script will clear the events and leave very critical/down alerts...
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  • SQL Script - find members in the groups

    --since Containers_AlertsAndReportsData is a view, run sp_helptext on Containers_AlertsAndReportsData, you can add more columns as needed-- SELECT caar.GroupName AS Group_Name,  caar.GroupStatusDescription A...
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  • SQL Script - Unmanage a group

    --find ContainerID-- SELECT * FROM [SolarwindsOrion].[dbo].[Containers] WITH (NOLOCK) --run the below with BEGIN TRAN-- BEGIN TRAN UPDATE n SET n.Unmanaged=1 FROM        &nbs...
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  • SQL or VIEW to select group-members

    Hi,   can someone point me to a sql statment that generates a list of nodes which a member of a certain group? @SW Team: For future use it might be good to have some views (i.e. one per objecttype) with these i...
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  • Correct Order of Script to search specific OU(s) for locked out users and not just entire Domain

    Seems script for ADLockout only works if I have one line of string:  It will work for onlty the last line of this "ou=IT people,ou=users,ou=site" I want it to look thru all the strings of OU's.  Do I need to...
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  • PGP Certificate expiration monitoring

    Hi All   Has anyone had any experience of monitoring multiple PGP certs on a  LINUX server using SAM? I have to do this and I have had a browse through Thwack, but couldn't find anything.  Chatting wi...
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  • SQL script

    hello- first time using solarwinds SAM and running into problem with creating alerts for my SQL server to get notification regarding problems with sql databases, sql backups,etc. the alerts comes through but not getti...
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  • Turn on Port security .ncm-template

    This script will help you to turn on port security on selected device on selected port. and if you know than you can do some minor change in script and make your own script.
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  • Monitoring SCCM Update Deployment Help Requested

    I am trying to setup a apm template to monitor som aspects of SCCM update deployments to servers.   the one part i need help on is formatting the pending update returned values. The PS string to return the pendi...
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  • Can you use filter string to filter several OUs at same time to find locked out users of only specific

    I am not a scripter so I need to see an example of how you would modify this default filter line to query several different OU in a domain including child OUs.  The reason is to find out only specific locked out ...
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  • sample_datetime_usages.sql

    This is an example script from my toolkit that helps me to quickly review the various different ways of performing date math in sql server.   Demo available here
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  • acknowledged alerts report

    Hi guys,   As we all know that events are triggered as alerts and then alerts gets acknowledged/reset/deleted. I would like to learn more what exactly happens when an alert is acknowledged ? I believe it gets re...
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