• MFT Server triggered events : Powershell parameters which include Parenthesis() doesn't work

    Scenario : when a file is uploaded to a SFTP account  I would like to trigger a "File Uploaded "event and execute command action and use the build-in Servu- $FileName variable to pass the name of a file and re...
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  • FTP Client control

    hi,   do we have any solution for to control ftp access users from single place.   Example: we installed filezilla in 15 systems and configure different ftp account for upload and download file. ...
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  • multiple datasources = multiple databases ?

    new install of Serv-U 15 1 7 might be a silly question, but as admin guide describes.... "....individual ODBC connections must be configured for each item which stores details in the database." so, to store local user...
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  • Successive get directory listing requests failure

    Hello, hoping someone can advise me here.  We are in the process of migrating our auto-update service to Solarwinds.  We deploy updates to our application via ftp, and part of the code that performs the upda...
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  • Is there a way to export usage reports of domain users for the Serv-U MFT server?

    Hi,   I need to create a report of the frequent domain users who use our Serv-U MFT FTP server.  Is there a tool that can export these results.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  • Serv-U file Limits

    We are using the serv-u file transfer. We request files from outside users using AD creds and sending a link through email... The link is an HTTP file path with 4GB limits.. Is there a way to use this method to reques...
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  • Web Client Pro broken with with latest Java (Version 8 Update 211)

    Serv-U Web Client Pro does not load with the latest Java Runtime installed. Serv-U Version (on Server 2012 R2). Java Version 8 Update 211   Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and both have the issue in...
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  • FTP Voyager starting to act goofy.

    Hi, I've NEVER had any trouble with FTP Voyager.  Now, two problems.  I used to be able to upload 9 files at once, 186MB each, with no problems.  Now, out of the blue, it just stops half way thru. ...
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  • Migrating existing Serv-U MFT accounts into LDAP

    Has anyone migrated their existing users into either OpenLDAP or 389-DS?  We're looking at doing this and came across these two links. With a backup, I get the accounts and hashed passwords, but I'm having an iss...
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    created by mattboston
  • What We're Working On - Serv-U FTP Server, Serv-U MFT Server & FTP Voyager - Updated June 26, 2019

    To receive updates on the Serv-U roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   We are currently in the planning phase for the next release, we are investigating following areas. As we move forward we will update ...
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  • SFTP not able to start

    Good Day   I am not able to start SFTP/SCP server. it says   Cannot start service You probably don't have enough privileges to perform the operation   Please advise.
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  • checking checksum of files of remote

    Does serv-u record the checksum when files are uploaded? I am looking for a way to compare the checksum of the file on the local machine to that of the ftp server to be sure they match.
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  • Serv-U 15.1.7 Hotfix 1 Now Available

    Serv-U 15.1.7 HotFix 1 is now available for download in the customer portal for customers under active maintenance.   This SolarWinds hot fix addresses the following security and functionality issues: Expired S...
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  • Multiple Keys in one file

    Hello, I'm in the middle of a trial for Serv-u so far everything has been working great, but just hit a snag.   We are looking to transition from an open ssh server to something more user friendly like serve-u....
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    created by hmartinez930
  • Serv-u MFT and Serv-u gateway running on different version

    Hi, We are planning to upgrade serv-u MFT server from version 15.1.2 to version 15.1.6, however we may not upgrade serv-u gateway which is running on version 15.x.  I am not sure about the version of serv-u gate...
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  • Serv-U Web Client Pro

    Why is it that after all this time, even in version Serv-U is still using Java for Web Client Pro and FTP Voyager? Is there any plan to make these things work in modern browsers? Can't these be redone to us...
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  • Set Archive Flag on Download Action

    I have setup a FTP Voyager Scheduler that downloads from a remote site every 1 minute.   The FTP Voyager Scheduler downloads the same files each time instead of only the new ones.   Is there a way to set...
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  • Server administrative users (not domain users)

    Hi,   I may have missed this, but new to Serv-U. Is there a way to create more admin users please forthe main management portal? Obviously we can create per domain users, but only having one admin account is pro...
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  • Clients are intermittently receiving "The file share you attempted to access was not found" when clicking on the link shared with them.

    We run Serv-U in a high availability cluster with Serv-U Gateways.  Intermittently, when an end user shares a file and sends the link to a recipient, the recipient receives an error stating "The file share you at...
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  • Cannot upload a specific file type

    Hello!   I have a problem with a specific kind of file type upload on my FTP. I can upload any type of file that I've tried except if it ends in .pnr   This is the log entry in Serv-U: And this is from...
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