• Serv-U MFT - SSL Certificate Authentication

    We use Serv-U MFT and it is good. I ran into a customer who will only do SSL Certificate Authentication to login to their account and no use username/password. So QUESTION: How do I setup SSL Certificate based authen...
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  • Clients are intermittently receiving "The file share you attempted to access was not found" when clicking on the link shared with them.

    We run Serv-U in a high availability cluster with Serv-U Gateways.  Intermittently, when an end user shares a file and sends the link to a recipient, the recipient receives an error stating "The file share you at...
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  • Server administrative users (not domain users)

    Hi,   I may have missed this, but new to Serv-U. Is there a way to create more admin users please forthe main management portal? Obviously we can create per domain users, but only having one admin account is pro...
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  • Problems logging into Serv-U MFT

    First of all, thanks in advance for any help I may receive. I am new to Serv-U MFT and got a problem that is baffling me.   I installed Serv-U on Windows Server 2016 with IIS and FTP installed. Active Director...
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  • SFTP on Serv-U/CentOS

    Hello,   I'm having some issues setting up users to connect to Serv-U via SFTP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   What I've done so far:   Created a Serv-U Domain Set the following limits......
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  • Web and Java Clients both time out when attempting to list files

    I've got a few hundred thousand recordings (generally small .wav files) in a directory on our Serv-U MFT server.  When I use a terminal to FTP or SFTP to it, I can 'ls' and 'get'  files quickly and efficient...
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  • Latest Serv-U Hotfix breaks WinSCP file uploads over SFTP (No such file)

    We have installed your latest hotfix (15.1 HOTFIX 2 & 3) on our servers and now no one can upload files via SFTP using WinSCP (any version). You are presented with an error "No such file" when you attempt upload v...
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  • Auto Schedule File transfer in MFT server

    Hi,   Please help how to achieve the Scheduled File transfer in MFT server.   Regards,   Rakesh
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  • SFTP transfers break with Serv-U server when utilizing SSH V2 rekeying (per IETF SSH V2 protocol standard)

    Why does Serv-U MFT/SFTP service break the connection when implementing SSH V2 rekeying from a native SFTP client in Linux?  According to the compatibility matrix, this is supposed to be fully compliant with a na...
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  • Cannot upload a specific file type

    Hello!   I have a problem with a specific kind of file type upload on my FTP. I can upload any type of file that I've tried except if it ends in .pnr   This is the log entry in Serv-U: And this is from...
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  • Restrict File Types - Multiple File Restrictions

    Hi All The Serv-U admin guide has instructions on restricting file types via 2 approaches 1) Block *.mp3 2) All only *.mdb   Has anyone implemented multiple allow or restrict file types? How did you implemen...
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    created by dodster
  • Serv-U MFT 15.1.6 Multiple Domains

    Hi,   We have built Serv-U Gateway and MFT server (member of Active Directory domain).  Platform is being used for File Transfers only and not File sharing.  The initial domain was built (customer 1) a...
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  • Virtual Folder contents in Home Folder

    Hi Everyone,   I'm currently running Serv-U 15.1.6, and have a requirement to migrate some users from a legacy FTP server. These users require the use of "merge" folders, which is effectively a virtual folder, ...
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  • What We're Working On - Serv-U FTP Server, Serv-U MFT Server & FTP Voyager - Updated Dec 14, 2018

    To receive updates on the Serv-U roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   We are currently in the planning phase for the next release, we are investigating following areas. As we move forward we will update ...
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  • Doing a FTP HUB with ServeU

    Hello,     We want to build FTP HUB based on Serve U.     When user deposit a file on certain directories, those file are taken and send via FTP or FTPS to customers. For that we intend to use ev...
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  • Virtual path,physical path-Can’t see the folder in my user root

    Hi I have  The 15.1 version of serv-u and I want to adjust the virtual path and physical path, I go step by step but My users can see anything in their FTP voyager Could you please tell me in details or take a v...
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  • Serv-U MFT silent installation

    Hi There,   I'm looking to automate the installation / recovery of a Serv-U MFT solution, I understand that the installer accepts the /silent flag but I can't seem to find any explicit documentation relating to ...
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  • Upgrade Serv-U to Latest versions

    If I have an older version of Serv-U like version 3.  How can I upgrade or transfer the configuration into the latest versions of Serv-U?
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  • API for Web client

    Hi there,   We are in the middle of evaluating Serv-u for sharing files with our clients. First of all i am a bit concerned about the development and new versions i am seeing of Serv-u MFT. Apart from  hotf...
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  • Serv-U 15.1.6 HotFix 3 Now Available

    For customers under active maintenance, Serv-U 15.1.6 HotFix 3 is now available in the customer portal.   =================================== SolarWinds® Serv-U® 15.1.6 HotFix 3 ========================...
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