• Cleaning up LEM Internal Events

    Hello,   I'm currently running SEM 6.7.1, and under the LEM Internal Events tab I'm receiving about 1000 events a minute. All the events are pretty much the same and have the same basic layout as follows:  ...
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  • Importing Filter - SEM Console

    After upgrading to SEM from LEM, I am still learning the differences between the old and new consoles (UI). In the new SEM Console, I don't see any way to import filters other people have made (or export for that matt...
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  • Add List of Nodes to Connector Profile

    In SEM, I've set up various Connector Profiles based on the monitoring needs of each group. However, I'm needing a better way to maintain this list without manually adding/removing nodes one at a time. Is there a way ...
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    created by tpmobley
  • Connector Profile - FIM

    I was wondering if anyone ran into this same issue and if it is a bug. I am attempting to make a connector profile. For the most part works fine. However, I want to add FIM File and Folder, along with FIM Registry as ...
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  • Docker Container IP Causing Issues with SEM

    We are currently standing up a CentOS VM that will run as a Virtru Gateway.  I recently added the SEM Agent to this device and it checked into our Manager with the Docker Container IP (172.x.x.x) instead of the V...
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  • User longo activity

    Hello I'm new to SEM and I start seeing some users activity in my user logons dashboard usere 1:   "-" user 2: "NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON"   anyone knows where is that comes from. thanks
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  • Integration of LEM with Orion NPM

    To quote the "What are we working on now" thread for LEM from 2011:     "SolarWinds Orion Platform Product Integration: Escalating Events from LEM to Orion via SNMP Traps Since we're in the business of what ...
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  • Configuring SSO for LEM

    I am attempting to configure AD integration for LEM (6.3.1) and for the life of me, I cannot get it to function correctly.  I contacted tech support and they sent me this article.  When I get to the section ...
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  • USB Whitelisting

    Hi guys,   We are looking to use LEM to implement USB blocking.   I understand how to create a whitelist, uploading the PID's of the stick etc.   My question is this:   Lets just say we have a ...
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  • SEM/LEM - won't add a syslog node

    I've added the configuration.  and I can see logs in the cmc but, can't add a node.
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  • DNS Server Audit - Email alert

    Hi there, I am trying to setup email alert for DNS record update alerts. In the action tab, I am targeting to Host incidents as we trying to get alert from internal DNS server if there are any DNS records update. Afte...
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  • Inablility to add custom Tags

    I noticed when I upgraded from 6.6.0 to 6.7.1 and 6.7.2 that my custom Tags went missing under Rules. Under the Manager Console I was able to create a Tag but cannot add any rules to the Tag. I also see no way to dele...
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  • Supported Java Versions with Linux and SEM v6.7.2

    Hello,   I recently updated SEM to the latest version (v6.7.2) and one of my Sys Admins also is trying to bring a RHEL server online. I gave him the latest agent, but he is getting Java errors and the agent is n...
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  • Alert on Not Receiving Syslog From a Device

    Is there a way to alert on a syslog device not sending?   As part of our security checks we have to alert if a server or device stops sending logs.   Thanks for any ideas you might have.   Steve
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    created by sosborne99
  • Check Membership of a Custom Security Group on File Server

    I am needing to create a monitor with a filter condition that would query a custom local security group on a file server. I know that using a Active Directory domain group or even a SEM group would be easier and prob...
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  • Monitor Domain Security Group Changes in Environment With Multiple Domain Controllers

    I have a really large environment (many domain controllers). I currently have the SEM/ LEM agent installed on my two local domain controllers and I can see the changes made to the security groups as long as I am logge...
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  • SEM: Rule Help

    Needing a hand, this is my first time diving into LEM/SEM and created my first rule but doesnt seem to be working. Im trying to send email alerts each time a user gets disabled to our help desk but doesnt look like it...
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  • Nessus Scanning

    Has anyone been able to setup a way to automatically pause alerts when a vulnerability scan is run. These scans do produce a tremendous amount of noise and flood our alerting system.
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  • Can I add McAfee Antivirus to SEM (Linux) Appliance?

    Hi Everyone,   First time poster to these forums.   I have the SEM Appliance running on an Industrial Control Network and I would like to add McAfee Antivirus to it. I've used Linux for years and I underst...
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  • How to send OpenShift logs collected by fluentd to LEM?

    I have an OpenShift 3.9 cluster that is configured with an EFK stack with fluentd log collectors. I can configure the fluentd daemon set to offload application and operation OpenShift logs to an external syslog coll...
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