• Spop.conf file not showing values

    After switching from GPO to a software deployment tool to deploy the SEM client to many machines at once, the client installation works, however the logs don't appear in  the SEM Management Console. Per SolarWind...
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    created by tpmobley
  • Quick 250 points: How do you use the OpsCenter dashboard?

    The User Experience (UX) team is looking to make some improvements to the LEM OpsCenter dashboard. For a quick and easy 250 points, show us your dashboard and tell us what widget(s) you use (or don't use, if it's easi...
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    last modified by ashley.orr
  • SEM AWS Installation

    Hi All,   Can someone please help me with how to setup SEM in an AWS environment I have been trying for a while and cant get it to work
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    last modified by finnb
  • SEM Nodes

    is anybody know why SEM assuming picture below as Node?     when I try to look inside the node, there is nothing information,   I also dont know, how can it appear as node?
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    last modified by bambarit
  • Checkpoint Firewall Log is not showing on LEM Console properly

    We are trying to capture checkpoint FW allow/deny firewall traffic logs on LEM. I have successfully added the node & configured the connector Checkpoint 600 Appliances (auth.log) However when i create a filter und...
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    last modified by chelsea2017
  • Cleaning up LEM Internal Events

    Hello,   I'm currently running SEM 6.7.1, and under the LEM Internal Events tab I'm receiving about 1000 events a minute. All the events are pretty much the same and have the same basic layout as follows:  ...
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    last modified by jaredkeyes
  • Importing Filter - SEM Console

    After upgrading to SEM from LEM, I am still learning the differences between the old and new consoles (UI). In the new SEM Console, I don't see any way to import filters other people have made (or export for that matt...
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    last modified by tpmobley
  • Linux Agent Log File Location?

    I don't currently have a system to test on but need to help out a customer, can somebody point me to where the log file is for a system running the Linux Agent?  I am having some issues and wanted to check the Lo...
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    last modified by byrona
  • Add List of Nodes to Connector Profile

    In SEM, I've set up various Connector Profiles based on the monitoring needs of each group. However, I'm needing a better way to maintain this list without manually adding/removing nodes one at a time. Is there a way ...
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    created by tpmobley
  • Connector Profile - FIM

    I was wondering if anyone ran into this same issue and if it is a bug. I am attempting to make a connector profile. For the most part works fine. However, I want to add FIM File and Folder, along with FIM Registry as ...
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    last modified by daveram
  • New file to pull into SEM, set up rules.

    I have a log file for HP Content Manager that I need to pull into SEM and create rules for it. At least that is the thinking here.   I put in a request for a connector, that was three months ago so I've got time...
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    last modified by jgrobinette050
  • Docker Container IP Causing Issues with SEM

    We are currently standing up a CentOS VM that will run as a Virtru Gateway.  I recently added the SEM Agent to this device and it checked into our Manager with the Docker Container IP (172.x.x.x) instead of the V...
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    last modified by wcassell434
  • SolarWinds Resellers/Pricing Quotes?

    Hi All, My Company is looking for an SIEM in order to help us meet NIST 800-171 logging and monitor requirements, as well as general cyber security. We are interested in a few SolarWinds products and have requested a...
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    last modified by brianlyp
  • SEM\LEM not showing all events

    Why does LEM nDepth only show 20 events, console show 80k and Cisco show 31k For the past day I've been struggling with why the events leaving my Cisco switches haven't all shown on LEM. At first I thought it was the...
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    last modified by wdecatur
  • User longo activity

    Hello I'm new to SEM and I start seeing some users activity in my user logons dashboard usere 1:   "-" user 2: "NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON"   anyone knows where is that comes from. thanks
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    last modified by aabdullah
  • Integration of LEM with Orion NPM

    To quote the "What are we working on now" thread for LEM from 2011:     "SolarWinds Orion Platform Product Integration: Escalating Events from LEM to Orion via SNMP Traps Since we're in the business of what ...
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    last modified by borgan
  • Configuring SSO for LEM

    I am attempting to configure AD integration for LEM (6.3.1) and for the life of me, I cannot get it to function correctly.  I contacted tech support and they sent me this article.  When I get to the section ...
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    last modified by branden.wright
  • USB Whitelisting

    Hi guys,   We are looking to use LEM to implement USB blocking.   I understand how to create a whitelist, uploading the PID's of the stick etc.   My question is this:   Lets just say we have a ...
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    last modified by iandavies
  • SEM/LEM - won't add a syslog node

    I've added the configuration.  and I can see logs in the cmc but, can't add a node.
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    last modified by riverafrank1+
  • DNS Server Audit - Email alert

    Hi there, I am trying to setup email alert for DNS record update alerts. In the action tab, I am targeting to Host incidents as we trying to get alert from internal DNS server if there are any DNS records update. Afte...
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    last modified by venkythiru