• Patch Manager Credential Ring rules and server accounts

    What I'm trying to do in Credential Ring is setup a rule where workstations are assigned to one domain user account and servers another. Basically because of security concerns and the wide variety of SolarWinds packag...
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    created by wdecatur
  • Error 0x800B0109 (A certificate chain processed but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider)

    This error means that one (or both) of the following has not occurred on the machines you are trying to deploy to: 1) The WSUS signing certificate has been installed.  You can use EminentWare’s ‘Clie...
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    last modified by SolarWinds Community Team
  • SCCM Version Support & Upgrade Certificate

    I have two questions, ahead of upgrading PM for the first time.  Reviewing the Upgrade Preflight Checklist, I find the "Run All Windows Updates" task.  Makes sense, but there is a note stating to "Generate a...
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    last modified by pmanson
  • Solarwinds Patch Manager Installing & Configuring

    Hello everyone,   I'm new with SPM and I am a bit lost on setting thing. So, my goal is to have SPM configured so I can do OS Patching on my domain.   I already have WSUS configured, and I am able to sy...
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    last modified by ragarcia
  • Server Cleanup wizard results

    Can someone tell me what the Server Cleanup wizard results is in? I'm guessing it's kb? See the example below:   Details: Disk Space Freed: 17112366300 Expired Updates Declined: 9755 Obsolete Computers Deleted: ...
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    last modified by pmaldonato
  • Dameware mini rc hotfix not in catalog

    Hey all,   Im new to using Dameware but there is a nessus plugin 130458 that lists dameware as needing to update as there is a critical vulnerability but I cannot locate any update in the patch manager catalog f...
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    last modified by frgpugs
  • Patch manager and WSUS V3.2.7600.325 api mismatch

    Hi,     i'm having issues trying to publish 3rd party updates from patch manager, like notepad++. i keep getting api version mismatch, says WSUS server is 3.2.7600.327 and client version 3.2.307.  ...
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    last modified by neikko69
  • How do you search for an update?

    Stupid question I'm sure but how do you search for an update you want to approve. For example I want to find and approve Win 1903 update but when I go to the Patch Manager console and under all updates I'm not able to...
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    last modified by wdecatur
  • Integrating SolarWinds NPM NCM SAM environment with SCCM

    Is there any chance we can integrate Microsoft SCCM database with SolarWinds to create and display dashboards in SolarWinds. I know that SCCM can be integrated with Path Manager but, for now we don't have that module....
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    last modified by chinmaychavan
  • Error 1312 When Installing Custom MSI Updates

    We use Avigilon as our NVR solution corporate wide. Since there are a lot of people in the company who use the client software to view live video and/or recordings I have been trying to use Patch Manager to push out u...
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    last modified by brubinstein
  • Third party updates failing

    Hi,   We’re running a trial of Patch Manager 2019.4.0.125 as we are particularly interested in keeping our standard third-party apps up to date. These include, but aren’t limited to, things like Chro...
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    last modified by carl.johnston
  • Tasks created using groups don't update when the group is amended.

    All of our patch manager tasks are created using groups, but whenever the groups are updated, the jobs do not change to reflect this. How do we get these jobs to refresh and use the new group information? I don't want...
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    last modified by demo84
  • Need report showing antivirus Not Installed

    Hello Everyone,   Sounds simple, but I can't for the life of me create a report that shows computers that do NOT have antivirus installed. I've tried using Publisher(Programs and Features) equals /does not equa...
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    last modified by otuckerfmyn
  • Installs showing as successful but don't install

    Hi   Downloads of the package is fine as i can see it in Software Distribution. As soon as the task shows its starting the install it stops. When i look in Task History the status shows as success and details ...
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    last modified by alan.dunne
  • removing TLS 1.0 breaks downloads in Patch Manager

    As part of trying to secure our desktops/servers, we are testing the removal of TLS 1.0 as an available client and/or server connection.  When I do this, I notice that the download option in Patch Manager doesn't...
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    last modified by jwckauman
  • Re-Point Patch Manager to new SQL Server

    I backed up my SQL DB and restored to a new SQL server.  How can I re-point Patch Manager to the new SQL Server??
  • Orion to Patch Manager integration

    Has anyone else had issues with the Orion web integration with Patch Manager? It used to work OK but it just seems that other than the pie charts, nothing else is working (eg. attempts to expand any hyperlinks related...
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    last modified by osborne_graham
  • Top 40 most vulnerable widget - No data to display

    Recently I have found that the Top 40 Most Vulnerable Machines widget in the Orion web browser shows an information box that says no data to display. Anyone seen this before or have any pointers? Everything else see...
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    last modified by james.heads
  • Fast Way to filter KB

    Hello,   Is there a fast way to filter Updates using the KB numbers?   If I select view "All Updates" and I want to filter for KB number then I can do that only AFTER all updates are shown. But this view ...
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    last modified by sz-a
  • Patch Manager - APIs of *any* sort?

    Howdy   We currently use Patch Manager in production with decent success (several thousand nodes, handful of additional polling engines, 50+ tenants). As part of change management, PM is the only remaining link ...
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    last modified by vcjames