• Alert or report when a new/unknown device shows up on my network

    I’m trying to come up with some way of detecting when a new node is attached to my network (a new MAC address shows up in either the switch table or ARP table on my routers.  Is there a way to have Orion de...
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  • Checkpoints failing SNMP V3

    HI all I have been trying for a while now to get solarwinds to communicate with our firewalls using SNMP v3, they are able to manage a simple icmp or if we do add the snmp credentials they seem to detect the machine ...
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  • Adding monitors (eventlog types?) Anything useful. (Solarwinds N-ABLE)

    I'm looking to expand on my monitors to make sure I'm covering everything that can be covered.     Does anyone have a list of eventlog entries they monitor and how to enter it into nable as a new monitor? I...
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  • What is the Best VPN monitoring tools ?

    Monitoring VPN traffic is a critical task. So looking for your advance opinion to select best solution.
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  • Track network users access Youtube

    Is there anyway Solarwinds can track network users from accessing the web sites like "Youtube" and "Facebook"?? We found our network has a traffic count you accessing Youtube but don't know how to identify the users.
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  • Can a local rep contact me?

    Downloaded trial software, sales rep contacted me, told me a local rep will contact me. It's been two days now. Still waiting......help!
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  • Alert based on utilization

    I want to receive alerts when a port has reached 70% utilization.  Problem is that I have about 50% of the ports connected at 100M, and 50% connected at 1G.  But all the ports are capable of 1G speed.
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  • SSL Certificate generation

    When DPA and Oraion install, they create SSL certificates with the CNAME as the local hostname. Unfortunately as we use a managed service the domain of the host does not exist in our network. Consequently I can't add ...
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  • NTA - scan for IP/Web Site Traffic

    I am brand new to N.T.A./Orion The other day I looked at the NTa summary and saw in the top 10 traffic addresses in the past hour and found a site Unknown.servercentral.net Looked it up and it appears to be a ransom...
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  • BGP Peering Down reports

    I have made a simple report to tell when a neighbor (peer IP) goes down but I cannot seem to get it to tell me when its back up and for how long it was down?   Any help?
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  • Inherited Network Problems

    I recently started working at this company, replacing an engineer who didn't leave much documentation or even so much as a trail of bread crumbs for me to go off of.  Can anyone recommend any good (free) programs...
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  • Newb with an Alert Logic question

    Hi, everyone. This looks like a great place to ask a burning question, so I guess I'll just dive right in.   My organization recently got SolarWinds. I've created three alerts for the front page summary of Orion...
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  • SolarWinds LEM NIST-800-171 compliance rules for auditing?

    Hello,   If anyone is well familiar with NIST-800-171 compliance and could help setting up rules. We are trying to become compliant for the auditing section but are having a lot of difficulty finding or even cre...
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  • Monitoring Folders via SW

    HI Guys   I need help on monitoring folders on SW, I need to get date stamps or if what time the folder was last modified. Can this be done through SNMP or do I need to do something else?   Your help will...
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  • Solarwinds and Carbon Black

    I recently came across this document from Solarwinds that states that Carbon Black sensor interferes with Solarwinds proper functioning: Success Center We have it installed on both Solarwinds servers, applications ...
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    created by gkremer
  • Solar FTP Voyager

    downloaded the Solarwinds FTP Voyager download but do not succeed to make a conncetion. Login ID: entered Host name URl is : entered indicated Password   Password not accepted. unable to login   What is wro...
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  • Firewall Tool Configuration w/Check Point

    Attempting to utilize the SolarWinds Firewall Browser free tool to assess Check Point firewall rules:   FREE Firewall Browser and Rule Analyzer | SolarWinds   Required files 'objects_5_0.c' / 'rulesbases_...
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  • hello, Anyone help me on my checkpoint FW backup issue?

    Currently i m having time out error when i test connectivity from NCM to checkpoint FW to backup. my palo alto is ok to backup. I m not sure what else setting need to configure. i have attached the error screenshot.
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  • Create alert for Windows Service (IIS)

    Hi guys I'm trying to create an alert when the IIS Windows service is down or has stopped (World Wide Web Publishing Service).  Is this correct?
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    Hi guyz   I have done backup log (archive log) every weeks. Is it possible to restore only archive log on week 2 only? or do i need to restore all the log since i ran one time backup.   Thank You.
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