• machine type count query

    Dear all I wish to create a query for report /EOC Dashboard for Machine type and number of Devices present not full inventory e.g Windows Server =20 Linux =35 Router =5 etc   Please help
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  • Embed Solarwinds Widget on Sharepoint

    I'm trying to embed solarwinds widget on sharepoint, I have enabled Directlink feature on Solarwinds and have tried to insert it into my Webpart. I'm getting the below error screenshot.  
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  • Reporting - Average percent Memory used

    Hi, I want to include the average RAM used the past days in a report. I selected "Average percent memory used" from the "CPU/memory History" tab. How is the average memory utilization calculated? Does it include RA...
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  • How to create a report for snmp version detail and the total count.

    I need assistance with creating a report for snmp version detail which gives a total number.
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  • CTE WITH clause is not working

    I am trying to write an SWQL query that uses a CTE WITH clause.  I know it should be possible as I've found many examples on Thwack showing that it's possible.  For the life of me, I cannot get any of the ex...
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  • 95th Percentile Traffic Rate – Last Month (Custom by Node)

    This is based on the the SWQL 95th Percentile Traffic Rate – Last Month report and now using SQL. I would like to be able to group the data by month summarizing all historical data.   SELECT n.Caption a...
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  • Issue in Reporting

    Hi   Please help in generating report. Solarwinds reporting system is not generating report for hardware status. Its only showing if the status is up or critical but not displaying actual issue or details of the...
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  • Node Custom Properties uses report

    I have been using this report for some time to identify what the potential impacts of making changes to a custom property are.   It looks through all the properties, then checks them against the following common...
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  • Total downtime for a list of nodes in a time period?

    I would like to create a report to show a list of nodes and how long each has been down in a certain time period. I've seen some reports like this in THWACK, but they were created in the report writer, which has been ...
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  • Total - Monthly Average Availability Report

    I have seen a couple posts where other people like myself needed a report that shows an overall average availability for a specific group of nodes. Below is a SQL query I use to pull the total average availability, fo...
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  • Need to create a scheduled report for over 600 devices

    Hi All   I am looking to create a Monthly report which is to be sent out every month.   There are over 600 devices and the requirements are Node and Interface Availability, CPU,Memory, Interface Utilizatio...
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  • Report showing user who unmanaged elements and muted alerts

    I have found a few threads on a similar subject, but nothing that is exactly what I want. I need a report that shows the following in a single query, or in 2 separate queries if necessary:   1. Nodes CURRENTLY U...
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  • Orion.ResponseTime only shows the latest 5 days of data per node

    I just found out that data in Orion.ResponseTime has 2 minutes interval per records and it only shows up to 5 days worth of data. Is there any other table where I could get historical data? I am looking into getting ...
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  • Report on Nodes that DON'T have any Custom Poller Assigned

    Hi guys,   I am trying my best to avoid using SWQL or SQL when creating this report but I'm not sure its possible. What I am trying to achieve is having a list of specific nodes (custom property based) show up ...
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  • Report on Switch metrics, cpu, memory, errors for 1 device

    Hi, I'm trying to find in Solarwinds Orion how to generate a historical report for only 1 device in our inventory.  I only want to look at one day this week, and I want to the switch stacks utilization, cpu, an...
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  • Compare Running Config of Two Nodes

    Does anyone have a report template which would allow me to compare the running config of two Cisco routers?
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  • IPAM+&+UDT+integration+report.xml

    A report in the similar format as you can see in Manage subnet and IP page and lists, IP, Status, IPAM collected MAC info, UDT collected MAC info and connected UDT port. By default, there is a filter to only look for...
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  • Get the sql query of web based report.

    Hi,   As normally, we can get the SQL query details of which is made in "report witter", Go to sql tab and get the query details. But below is the step, it helps we can get the SQL query details which is being ...
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  • Want to report LifetimePageCount for my printers

    I've been asked if I can provide a report of the LifetimePageCount for each of our 400+ printers.  I can see the field and data in the Universal Device Poller Status for each node, but can't seem to find a way to...
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  • Report for existing alert configurations

    Hi,   I need to configure a report that gets me the summary details [in the last summary page] of all the 'Alerts configured in solarwinds' Since i require the details of trigger conditions and trigger actions ...
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