• Report to show configured alerts with trigger actions for specific customer nodes.

    As the title says, I would like to create a report that will narrow down a specific groups of alerts (we have alerts created per customer, several of our customers have alerts configured on this server), and for each ...
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  • I am trying to create a report with the top 25 sites for maximum respone time and average response time in a day.

    I am also looking for availability and packet loss in a day.
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  • A report to identify root - bridge on cisco devices ?

    hello - new to 2019.4  - any help much appreciated
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  • List all nodes in groups with multi level

    Hi,   We have setup groups with multiple level like the following exemple Email service - Exchange server      - Production           - node 1...
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    created by MathieuJM
  • Daylight Savings Reporting issue

    Hi   I wonder if anyone has encountered an issue that appears to affect reports that include data prior to or straddle the change to\from daylight saving time?     In the UK, local time changed to GMT...
  • How to Get a List of Down Devices and the Time They Went Down?

    I have found several permutations of this question, but could never track down a solid answer for my specific question. I need to run an SQL Query via the reporting Resource. I am a network admin so my SQL knowledge i...
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  • Help Finding Private Azure Cloud VM address for SWQL query

    We have a weekly audit report that is pulling all of our running nodes showing in Orion VIM tables that are not monitored natively in Orion. We want to replicate this functionality for our Cloud Instances. We are part...
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    created by stevenstadel
  • UDT report for used/unused ports per device

    Unless I'm missing it, there isn't a OOTB UDT report (v2.5) that provides Used Ports/percentage, Free Ports/percentage, Total Ports per device like the UDT Ports in Use Overview graph below. Has anyone developed such ...
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  • Account list report

    I cannot find a built-in report or even the user parameters to use in the web-based report manager to build a user report that lists the accounts in Solarwinds and the management levels or items. the information I am ...
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  • Need Help with the SAM Custom Report

    Hi, I am new to SolarWinds, specially with SAM, I am asked to create a summarized report which shows graph for CPU,RAM,Network Bandwidth and Storage utilization for every server separately for 100 Servers and so i cr...
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  • Embed Solarwinds Widget on Sharepoint

    I'm trying to embed solarwinds widget on sharepoint, I have enabled Directlink feature on Solarwinds and have tried to insert it into my Webpart. I'm getting the below error screenshot.  
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  • Unmonitored volumes/disks

    Hello everyone.   I am needing help writing a custom report that shows all unmonitored volume/disks in Solarwinds.   If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated.   ...
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  • HELP!  Need advice on how to change time period on an Advanced SQL Report!

    Hello Fellow Solarwinds users! I have a good question that I hope I can get some help on! I am trying to run an advanced SQL report to show a time period of DownTime for certain nodes.  I can find on thwack where...
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  • Cisco 2960X Stack Serial Number Report

    We've recently rolled out 250 Cisco 2960X switches in stacks and I want to run a report that displays the switches in each stack along with serial number.   I can build a report that gives me the master of each ...
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  • SQL server health report

    Hello,   I would like to know how to generate SQL servers health report on Solarwinds console.   Thanks for your help.
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  • machine type count query

    Dear all I wish to create a query for report /EOC Dashboard for Machine type and number of Devices present not full inventory e.g Windows Server =20 Linux =35 Router =5 etc   Please help
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  • Reporting - Average percent Memory used

    Hi, I want to include the average RAM used the past days in a report. I selected "Average percent memory used" from the "CPU/memory History" tab. How is the average memory utilization calculated? Does it include RA...
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  • How to create a report for snmp version detail and the total count.

    I need assistance with creating a report for snmp version detail which gives a total number.
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  • CTE WITH clause is not working

    I am trying to write an SWQL query that uses a CTE WITH clause.  I know it should be possible as I've found many examples on Thwack showing that it's possible.  For the life of me, I cannot get any of the ex...
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  • 95th Percentile Traffic Rate – Last Month (Custom by Node)

    This is based on the the SWQL 95th Percentile Traffic Rate – Last Month report and now using SQL. I would like to be able to group the data by month summarizing all historical data.   SELECT n.Caption a...
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