• Create a new page for a specific set of servers

    I'm trying to create a page with a specific group only. Is this possible? When I use account limitations to do it, it's limiting the view on all pages instead of just the page I want to be specific. Any help is apprec...
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  • Falcon Installer

    Hey Forum !.   I was advised that I can use the Falcon installer to let me know what version should I upgrade to and what modules. I have a Solarwinds 12.3 and I need to upgrade it.   Where do I find the f...
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  • Understanding Session Traces

    I am trying to build a device template for RuggedCom Switches. I have located a couple of articles on Thwack that I was able to use as a starting point. I am trying to use NCM to backup the configuration files from th...
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  • Install SolarWinds Putty in Different Folder

    We have the user's appdata folder blocked from running executables on our local workstations.  Is there a way to install Putty in a different folder?
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  • Hotfix implementation in Orion 2018.4

    Hi,   Can some one please provide me the steps to apply hotfix in Orion 2018.4. I want to apply hotfix on my management server which is acting as a main poller as well. I have my poller in HA. Let me know what ...
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  • Historical CPU and Memory Utilization

    Hello,   I am hoping for some help with either a custom query or chart. Our goal is to have a view or report that would display a nodes or group of nodes historical CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk utilization pe...
  • Custom Chart

    Hi,   I am new with Solar Winds, can someone tell me step by step process if creating Custom Chart using Reports. I have tried creating Custom Chart for Cluster Capacity using following query but it shows me No ...
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    created by nabyeel