• How to alert on a statistic value change

    Hi All,   I need some assistance in how to go about creating a alert that will email when there is a change to a statistic value in a log parser file. Currently I have a log file that is being monitored for the ...
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  • Email alert when international call is made

    Has anyone setup a solarwinds alert function, to trigger an email alert when an international call is made? We have Solarwinds VNQM. I dont see native function, but i do see call details in the database under the Vo...
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  • If I Exclude node from Alert, will other nodes still trigger?

    As title says, if created a custom property group using this guide :  Success Center Then edited an alert to exclude this custom property group using this guide:  Success Center   I only see how to ...
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  • How can you use old snmp trap varbinds variables in the new OLV?

    I am trying to extract a field from a SNMP trap but I cannot find anyway of doing it in the new 2019.4 RC1 release. Is there a variable equivalent to ${varData1} in the latest realease?
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  • VM Node deleted/unmanaged but still alerting

    Note that I am still SUPER NEW to this. Our SolarWinds guy up and left, and didn't provide hand off.     I have three VM's (from an old Citrix environment)  that are decom/turned off permanently. They ...
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  • PaloAlto PA-VM Interface polling showing zero data

    Hi,   I have virtual PaloAlto firewalls in Azure.  The firewalls are fully discovered in Solarwinds, and all the interfaces are listed, with commits, etc....   But, the interface traffic is showin...
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  • Customize Email Alets

    I was at the Chicago SWUG yesterday and the last thing they presented on was about alerting. It was said that you can customize the emails that go out so they look a lot nicer (give it a little salt) instead of the w...
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  • Is it possible to use NetFlow from NPM to spot potential DDoS attacks and trigger an alert?

    We've started to use NetFlow in NPM, which has been very helpful in identifying DDoS attacks on our network. I'm interested if it's possible to set up an alert that would monitor for specific parameters that could ind...
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    created by jjmerrill
  • SYSLOG Viewer - Execute an External Program - Not Working using PERL Script

    Hello Team,   Need the communities help.   I'm using Syslog Viewer to run a Perl Script for a Syslog message for F5 LBs Certificate Expiry - This script creates a Ticket via BMC Remedy with the Syslog Mess...
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  • NetApp Cluster Details - Disk down alert | Including email variable Storage shelf

    Hi All,   Does anyone know how to include the mebers of the HA pair and the Storage shelf name inside an email alerts.     So far I have it working just with the Cluster name and the disk name that ...
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  • Is it possible to use stored creditials in a Execute an External Program alert action

    I need to be able to explicitly pass into (or use from within) a script credentials stored by Orion/SAM.  Is it possible?  If so, any pointers to examples or documentation is appreciated.
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  • HTTPS monitor component URL variable?

    Is there a way to use the URL of an HTTP or HTTPS monitor component in an alert?  I don't see it on any of the guides.  If not, is there a way to utilize ${UserNotes} or ${UserDescription} in the URL field?&...
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  • Don't Alert if App/Component is still performing initial polling

    I'm creating alerts and currently I have them set to alert if an app component is not in Up status.  The problem is when we first assign templates they immediately alert us because they are "Unknown" since they a...
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  • Routing Table Changes

    Hi,   I'm looking at seeing if there is anyway to create a new alert in Solarwinds to alert on changes to the routing table if it changes by 10% or more.   We are using BGP as the routing protocol, and I h...
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  • "Last Boot has changed" alert to fire if server is not "muted"

    Hello, If we mute a server, and reboot it for maintenance, we do not get a ping down but the "last boot has changed" alert will fire.  What I'm trying to do is this... 1) Not alert on "last boot" if the server ...
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  • complex condition Alert variable Logic

    Hey   When i Make A complex condition Alert With 2 different  scoping object  what solar variables  can i use ?   the firs condition Variable's or the second one ? or maybe both ?   L...
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  • NDMPSessionOpened return value

    Custom Device Poller for NDMP Open Session was created. It returns the value (Integer) with extra characters. e.g. 43i is the OID for it. http://oidref.com/   T...
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  • Palo Alto Polling

    Hello,   We recently upgraded Orion to NPM12.4 and I am looking to enable Palo Alto Polling. We currently have SNMP/CLI polling for the firewall and its working fine.   I am sure I am providing the right a...
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  • Is there a way in the alert to include how many times the alert has been repeated?

    In the Alert Execution Settings; if the ‘Repeat this action every X minutes’ is checked; is there a way to include in the alert how many times the alert has been repeated?
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  • monitoring ports

    I need to monitor ports as Https by using NPM and make alerts if there are any problem is related to that port
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