• Free IP SLA Monitor doesn't add configuration

    I just tried the Free IP SLA Monitor and it returns good data, but when I inspected the Cisco router's config, I didn't see anything added to the config.  I've done Cisco CLI IP SLA monitoring in the past and am ...
    created by whilice
  • IP SLA Monitor and http operations

    I'm trying out the IP SLA monitor... I set up an http operation and tried to export a UnDP file to import into NPM 9.5. The UnDP I got was testing operational status and round-trip time. Can what I'm trying to do not ...
    Steve Pfister
    created by Steve Pfister
  • IP SLA Monitor

    So we recently upgrade to IP SLA Monitor from VOIP Monitor and I am unable to get any of my polling working.  All of the tests are in an unknown state and in the operation details I get the following.   St...
    created by Price
  • UDP values with IP SLA

    I have created an ip sla monitor to show the dns status of a query. I've exported and imported into UnDP so I can see it on the NPM website. It comes back with a value of 1 when I test the UDP but on the website it ...
    created by menz
  • What's the Future

    I really want an Orion integrated IPSLA tool.  The fact that I can create universal pollers is OK I guess, but it is pretty clumsy. The VoIP module would almost do what I want, much cleaner integration and confi...
    created by brian_crypto
  • can one load IP SLAs directly into the IPSLA Monitor?

    Is is possible to load an already configured monitor into the IP SLA Monitor? Is that what the Load button is for? I am wanting to leverage SLA monitors that are already configured on network devices. In other words,...
    created by freemen
  • IP SLA UDP jitter RTT issue

    Hi all, I met an issue by using IP SLA UDP jitter. below is my configuration, the link bW is 256K SDH ip sla monitor 1  type jitter dest-ipaddr dest-port 49009 source-ipaddr num-packets 50 i...
    created by dqwh
  • custom poller reports

    hi , i have configured icmp echo operation under ip sla monitor fetched the same to undp after that i have assinged the same poller to the concerned node. My query is when i am trying to use the same poller in ...
    created by lazel999
  • IP SLA doesn't  work on 881 or 871 routers!

    I got a few items to report data on a test 3845 router.  Then when I configured IP SLA on a 871W and 881 routers I get nothing reported.  Is there a different SLA configuration for these types of routers?? Doc
    created by DocAdams

    Hi all, can we configure IP sla for SCTP. if yes what are the mean KPI we will survey. Regards,
    created by hhbar
  • Cisco SAA (RTR) commands for IP SLA Monitoring

    Hello, We current have IOS 12.2.(25) running on our switches. To enable me to use IP SLA Monitor what configuration do I need to apply to the switches if I want to monitor a link between a 6509 and 3750 switch ? I ...
    created by jaydws
  • SNMP v3 Support

    I just listened to Josh's webinar and he mentioned that the IP SLA tool supports SNMP v3. When I load the tool (v, I do not see anywhere to enter v3 info. There is a field for v1/2 Read/Write strings, but tha...
    created by irishjd
  • UDP Echo/UDP jitter echo and ICMP Echo

    Hi All,   Just wondering that Solarwinds IP SLA monitor only allows few options like HTTP, ICMP Echo, UDP Echo and so on. If I were to test voice QOS for IP Precedence 5 or DSCP EF, what would be an ideal sel...
    created by scet_amit
  • SQL reports for IP SLA

    We have created several IP SLA jobs (mostly ping response times to various servers), and attached them to a bunch of routers using the Universal Poller.  I am now trying to write some reports using Access or Crys...
    created by DenverDrake
  • OID is not supported on Cisco Router but is on identical one

    I am setting up IP SLA on several Cisco routers across the WAN.  Most of them are identical units, with the same IOS version and release.  I created the IP SLA Operations for 1 router, and it seemed to work ...
    created by DenverDrake
  • Can IP SLA Monitor Operate WITHOUT snmp write?

    We have a strict policy not to us snmp write community string on all of our Cisco routers. Does that mean the Solarwinds IP SLA Monitor will not work? What exactly its writing to the router?  If its just config...
    created by amui
  • Monitoring IPSLA in NPM

    OK... I must be missing something.  I setup a test IP SLA monitor and and Used UnDP to inported the test poller... and assigned it to my router.  But how do I view this info in NPM?  I'm sure I have t...
    created by mkocsis
  • IP SLA Monitor 1.0.1 Available

    SolarWinds IP SLA Monitor version 1.0.1 Items Fixed in this release: -Resolved an issue where IP SLA operations were not being written to device running configurations. -Fixed an issue where the tool would incorrectl...
    Andy McBride
    created by Andy McBride
  • Unrealistic IP SLA response times

    Hello, I'm piloting the use of IP SLA monitoring before exporting it to NPM. At random, I notice some too optimistic response times. I monitor a central server to which a normal ping takes 8ms. Sometimes I not...
    created by Hans.Hinnekint
  • IP SLA Monitor and IP SLA command via CLI

    hi there, have a quick question, I noticed that on some devices i can not do any ip sla commands via CLI (like show ip sla monitor ... or configure any ip sla settings) however, I can setup IP SLA operations for the ...
    created by Koreets