• WMI Monitor EULA

    Hi, Is there an EULA document available for the Free WMI Monitor. We're subject to stringent audit requirements and every server application we deploy must have an associated license agreement, even the 'Free'on...
  • Extend the WMI monitor with WMI from Thwack ?

    How can I easily search find the WMI Shared extentions for the WMI monitor on the forum. When using the Search there does not seem to be a good filter to find only these related shared files. Thanks ptrex
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    created by ptrex
  • Manually applying template

    Hi guys, i am trying to use template that is provided by the community. I couldn't Import through the application as i am behind a proxy therefore, are there any ways in which i can manually import the templates ? ...
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    created by porfors
  • Use WMI Monitor across the internet?

    Can I use the Free WMI Monitor to verify servers at remote locations are up?
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    created by mudshark
  • WMI and Application Monitoring Basics

    Hi all, In case you are new to WMI and application monitoring, I have created a short paper that discusses the background, strategies and technologies involved. There are also some good SCP Training Videos which expl...
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    created by Andy McBride
  • Welcome to the SolarWinds WMI Monitor forum!

    We're excited to announce our newest free tool: SolarWinds WMI Monitor!  This free desktop dashboard continuously monitors any Windows® server or application, giving you amazing insight into real-time perfor...
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    created by chris.lapoint