• Subscribing to WMI Indications?

    Anyone,   I'm evaluating the SolarWinds WMI Monitor application; I'm assuming that it provides indication monitoring, and that it does this through subscription to the desired indications. Is this assumption cor...
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  • Monitoring on WMI causes CPU to run high.

        We have two servers running Windows Server 2008 R2.  When we turn on the WMI monitoring the wmi services on the servers shoots up and remains high, slowing the servers down.  The servers have ...
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  • WMI Polling method not working

    I am using a administrator user with DCOM and Performance Monitor groups memberships.   Every time I click TEST I get "Test Failed"  error message.   I am choosing "Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP" ...
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    created by gcappuccio
  • Monitor C: drive size.

    I am trying to use wmi tool to monitor drives in our file server.  I started out trying to test our file server.    I tried use the Mount Point Free Space Monitor but maybe that is incorrect. &#...
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  • Import templates from Thwack

    Hi,   When I go to import templates from Thwack using the import button on WMI Monitor no templates are displayed.
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  • Exchange WMI Monitor - Multi-Instance?

    I would LOVE to get this working to prove to the bosses that we do not need a tool like Quest Spotlight but I'm having some problems with some of the counters... I'm running Exchange 2007 (mailbox role) on Server 2008...
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  • Use WMI Monitor to monitor window services

    i'm new to this tools, and been testing it for a day and couldn't find a way to monitor the windows service running.   say "SQL SERVER (MSSQLSERVER)"   i tried to monitor a counter named "Win32_Service(MSS...
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    created by jaffeling
  • WMI Monitor crash

    I have recently begun using the free WMI Monitor tool to walk the monitorable options on some servers to locate and create WQL queries to be added to APM (unusal items like mount points on Exchange servers).  Was...
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    created by xpowels
  • Application Monitoring: Monitor Windows Apps with Free WMI Monitor

    Community-- Here is a Guided Tour on SolarWinds' Free WMI Monitor. Enjoy! DH
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    created by DanielleH
  • Can't monitor Win32_PerfFormattedData_MSSQLSERVER_SQLServerMemoryManager

    I want to use WMI to monitor the performance of SQL server 2000.  But in some servers I can't find the options of Win32_PerfFormattedData_MSSQLSERVER_SQLServerMemoryManager in the WMI counters list. OS is w...
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    created by hehe7nic
  • IGNORE-IP  Range
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    created by ignore
  • Exchange monitor

    Hi, I wanted to know if Solar winds exchange monitor is a freeware or any licence has to be purchased for the same. Also i would like to know if there any known issues with this product. Thanks
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    created by Prjay
  • Connection failures

    I have a reoccuring issue with SQL and am trying to use your tool to understand the area of failure.  Unfortunately I am not with strong SQL I have installed the WMI monitor and imported a template from the foru...
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    created by Mark7273
  • RPC server

    Hi Friends I hope you can help me. I'm trying to learn how to put better security on my system. I have learned a lot about computers in the past year as far as repairs go. Even so, I don't know much about compu...
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    created by Shanna
  • Newbie - What does "The RPC Server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA" mean?

    I can't find a clear definition online. I got it as well as some other freebies to see if I could learn more about what's going on with my system because I am having problems and I don't know anyone who can help me. T...
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    created by Shanna
  • Performance monitor for windows server

    I'm looking for a template that will monitor the processor and memory usage for a windows server 2008. I found a template that said it would monitor server 200 to 2008 overal performance, but it doesn't seem to have t...
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    created by knfitz
  • WMI Logon

    Hi, I try to make connection with WMI monitor to a set of different servers. Now i always get "test failed: Unauthorized". It doens't matter what OS i'm connecting. (Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) Now i enabled WMi ...
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    created by IvanBre
  • WMI Monitor does not reestablish failed WMI query?

    I have WMI Monitor configured to view a WMI counter that is published only when an application is running. I can stop and restart the application between WMI Monitor queries and the WMI Monitor will continue without ...
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    created by Robert.Otto
  • How to import from Thwack when behind ISA Server

    Hello, My proxy server requires authentication.  Is it possible to add proxy authentication to the free WMI Monitor so it can import templates from Thwack?  If so, I am not seeing that as an option in the U...
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    created by SeanRatVAOpera
  • Program checkup process?

    Is there any way to configure WMI Monitor to check for a program stuck at a pop-up screen? The process does not go away, the CPU experiences no major load and the application is considered by the Operatings System (W...
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    created by Raz1r