• Dashboard is blank

    Installed, setup several systems with WMI polling and nothing shows. No errors, but the dash board is completely blank. Uninstall / Reinstalled. Even tried monitoring localhost with local admin. Local Win 10 x64, p...
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  • EXS-VMWARE server node is in warning state

    Hello guys,   We are managing an EXS-VMware server.   For the past 10 weeks the node is in warning state after had to manually cleanup the VM it creates and the NFS mounted storage it presented to the serv...
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    created by satheesh91
  • Is it possible to display celsius in the tempature?

    I installed Server monitor on my workstation at work and I noticed no options to change Fahrenheit to Celsius?
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  • SolarWinds Server Health Monitor - Crashes on Initial Setup

    Today I received an email announcing a free product called "SolarWinds Server Health Monitor". I think this would be a good tool to get some small organizations familiar with the SolarWinds name and product family. Th...
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