• config validation

    I just enable 802.1x on our switches (Cisco and HP) and I need a way to make sure it does not get disabled.  Cisco has both a global command and an interface command.  I need to make sure that each switch ...
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  • Feature Request: Default Entry

    Currently I see when we can populate the entry box by using .PARAMETER_DISPLAY_TYPE the entry set under this is a hard list entry and not modifiable. I would like to populate with a default entry that can be changed...
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  • Imported Folder in config Folder

    I was looking in my config folder for which I have the default path "C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\NCM\Config-Archive\" and i found a folder name "imported" in where i find the config of an random group of nodes.   ...
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  • Solarwind spreadsheet

    I do feel that we need something to manage the IP addresses and utilization in our lab though. Can you look into this and see if there are any free options that will handle scanning up to 8 /24 subnets (2000+ IP addre...
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    created by reggiet
  • Cisco Switch Config 2xxx and 3xxx twack v1.ncm-template

    The template was built with the intent to learn and understand NCM in a lab environment at home. As NCM only has a 30 day trial and after that we must purchase a dev license or use our production environment. SolarWin...
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  • Feature Request

    When functions are added to NCM for templates please also add them to the config generator. I have been using the config generator as a test bed for template creation.   Please add items that you have in NCM Now...
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    created by warpspeed88
  • Tring to set-up Network Config Generator

    Hi I am trying to set-up Network Config Generator  I have placed the IP address in the box , but I do not know what to do with community string. I have downloaded this NCG to speed up my internet. I have Windows ...
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    created by tb1956
  • Network Config Generator not working?

    i have downloaded and installed the network configuration generator v1 on my windows 7 pc. the install seems to go fine but whenever i try to run the program, almost instantly, the windows "program has stopped working...
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  • Using Network Config Generator to setup multicast on switches...

    Has anyone developed a template for configuring multicast on switches?
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    created by rm21401
  • It seems you can't reply or edit yor posts in this forum

    Not sure why or maybe you're not supposed to be able to.
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  • network config cenerator "Device inventory failed"

    Saludos alguien le salio este error por favor necesito apoyo   Device inventory failed Please check the Target Device and Commnunity string fields are valid.     he habilitado el snmp Gracias
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    created by leonnnc
  • TFTP - How to use instructions for download to Linksys WAG354G

    I have downloaded TFTP and the firmware, but I cannot see how to load the firmware onto the Linksys Gateway.
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  • Using SolarWinds Free Network Config Generator

    Community-- Here is a Video Tutorial on using the Free Network Config Generator from SolarWinds. Enjoy! DH
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    created by DanielleH
  • Device Inventory

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to the Network Config Generator tool. Do you have to do a device inventory before you can do anything else with the tool? I wanted to generate configs for a customer without bein...
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    created by kosaki
  • Network device monitor alerts

    when using the Network Device Monitor, can I have it generate a text file when it detects a problem?
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    created by tcount
  • Config Generator users manual

    I would like to do a template config for my cisco 3825's in the field. There are only a couple of things that change between each install. IE: Loopback address, Hostname, interface ip, bandwidth. I am just not that go...
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    created by rdowney
  • How to use variables in string concatenation

    Hi folks!   Is there any way to use variables in a string concatenation? What I'm exactly trying to do is to make use of a variable as part of an IP address, e.g.:   10.10.@DataNet.122   Which ...
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    created by sortepeter
  • how to use network config generator?

    what does mean the Device inventory ?
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    created by rihab
  • NCG proxy setting

    I am new to Net Config Gen, and thwack in general, so let me know if I should post some other way or place.  I do not see where I set my proxy settings in NCG.  At this point I am a work and need it set on...
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    created by Bob_Lutz
  • General question

    I hate to post this in here but I can't figure out how to reply in a forum thread.  There is no reply link anywhere I can find.  I want to reply in my other thread about no being able to connect to my ASA bu...
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    created by Qbakies