• Last Response showing as Never

    I installed IP Address Tracker today. Once I added my subnet, I noticed that I had more IP addresses showing as available then there should be. Also, the ones showing as available show a Last Response of Never. A cowo...
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  • Solarwinds IP address trackern NOT opening run-time error 432

    I have installed the newest version of Solarwinds IP address tracker on my windows 7 laptop. When I try to open it I get this message:   Run-time error '432': File name or class name not found during Automation...
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  • IP Tracker installation error

    I installed IP tracker on my Windows Server 2016 SolarWinds application server which is running SAM.  I got an error at installation completion:  "Database configuration failed - Alerts migration failed." ...
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  • IP Address Tracker not working

    Hello,   so we wanted to test out the new advertised Software "IP Address Tracker". After we installed the Software on our System we couldn't start the IP Address Manager. Trying to start the Software gives t...
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  • IP Address Tracker uninstall issue

    Hi there,   I have done an installation by just running the file 'SolarWinds-IPAT-FreeTool-v4.3.exe' I found inside 'SolarWinds-IPAddressTracker-v1.zip'. You can see all the stuff I installed/modified on my pc in...
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  • Uninstall Ip Address Monitor

    I downloaded free tool, Solarwinds IP Address Tracker.  But it appears to have installed full eval version of IP Address Monitor.    How do I completely uninstall this product because it does not work...
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  • error message when installing IP Address Tracker

    When i install IAT I have the message in attached. Who can help me?
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  • IP's found but not populating Network Atlas

    I downloaded the Free IPAM and installed it. I ran the Discovery and found my media (16 nodes). I get the error "Your maximum number of licensed elements cannot be determined." I can not import these nodes to Network ...
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  • IP Tracker Install Message - installer does not support your current operating system

    I am attempting to install this on the latest Windows 10 release...... Should this work on Windows 10 ?? I have Googled everywhere and can't find any info saying it is not supported on Windows 10 or others having the ...
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  • Issue with web interface

    Has anyone else noticed that since the last update the IP Address Tracker will throw an IPAM Website Error every time you try to get into details? I attempted to repair the install but that didn't work, any ideas? ...
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  • IP Tracker - No DNS Entries

    IP Tracker doesnt appear to fill any DNS entries even though it is on the same VLAN as everything else, any ideas?
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  • IPAM IP Tracker installation: Named pipes provider error 40

    Hello!     Im Adrian, an IT Tech at Atascosa Community Health Center. We were recommended IP tracker by Methodist Healthcare, and have been trying to get it running on our network to see if we can fit it in...
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  • Run-time error'-2147217885 (20040e23)': Record is deleted (IP Address Tracker)

    Every time I try to do a IP scan on a certain Subnet with the IP Address Tracker I get the following error (Run-time error'-2147217885 (20040e23)': Record is deleted). The program then crashes. How can I fix this?
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  • IP Address Tracker Download Link Broken?

    I am trying to download the free IPAT tool.  I see that the tool is 24MB in size from the Free Tools and Trials section.  However when I go to download, fill out the request for the product and select "NO TY...
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  • Solarwinds - IP Tracker - No DNS entries appearing?

    Done a fresh install of the IP Address Tracker application and although it can find the IP's of all active machines/servers it is not pulling the DNS names back so I cant tell what IP relates to which machine. I know ...
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    created by matthewd28
  • Trace-Route not ending Right

    It has been a while where DNSstuff trace-route not ending at the correct location.  Would that has to do with DNSstuff trace-route function or Network configuration.
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  • IP Address Tracker, Not IPAM

    I downloaded, under the free tools, IP Address Tracker.  I have done this many times, on many PCs.  This one is different.  It wants to install the entire IPAM package. I don't want that or need it....
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    created by Butch Snyder
  • Installation error, IP Address Tracker

    When I try to install IP ADdress Tracker, I get Error1327.Invalid Drive: U:\   U: is my mapped drive for My Documents.   Any way to solve this problem?   thanks Eric
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  • IP Address Tracker

    Ive been trying to install this software on my windows 10 pro laptop and i keep getting this error please help. Thank you Zachary
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  • What is size of IP Address Tracker?

    Hello! I am new to the Thwack Community as of today. I apologize if this the wrong place to post this; I looked around and did not see any other place that looked likely.   I used to use IP Address ???. It was a...
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