• DPA alert for PLE

    Hi,   I want to create a alert when the PLE < 300seconds. Which values should I use for calculation and percentage?
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  • Proxy dpa:8123 via apache httpd with context-path

    Redhat Linux 7, DPA 12.0 (haven't gone to 12.1 yet), Apache httpd 2.4.x (that comes w/RHEL7)   I'd like to access DPA via apache httpd rather than directly to the tomcat app running on 8123. Now: https://mymoni...
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  • DPA show fragmented indexes

    Hi,   I'm fairly new to using DPA, and I'm not finding what I need. For a very specific scenario, we've got a DPA instance running for our developers. I know in Orion, you can drill down in to individual databas...
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  • Job Failure

    Description This alert will look for jobs that have failed since the last time this alert executed.  The #FREQUENCY# variable provides the number of minutes between each run of the alert (specified in the Executi...
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  • metric results accuracy

    Hello,   I am using ignite DPA for past 3 days for monitoring a sqlserver 2008 R2 which hasnt been rebooted in an year. Application seems to be running slow for the past few days and I am currently looking at th...
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  • Where is the pre-configured SQL Server historical repository on AWS?

    Hello!   I saw the statement "You can now get a ready-to-go image that includes Database Performance Analyzer and a pre-configured SQL Server historical repository. " on this page: Amazon RDS Database Monitoring ...
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  • Integrate With Multiple SolarWinds Instances

    We have a couple SolarWinds instances, and would like to take advantage of the application mapping detection. Is it OK to integrate multiple distinct SolarWinds instances with DPA?
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  • querying dpa_deadlock_capture xe

    when we un-monitor a server, (hoping for more licenses!!) the dpa_deadlock_capture is left, and deadlocks are not picked up in the system health xe. I'm wondering if anyone has written a handy query to read the dpa_...
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  • DPA between server in different network

    Guys how I can configurate 2 differents lan for user DPA ?   tks. hor help.
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  • Question about Manage Central

    Good Afternoon!  I finished the LDAP configuration switch this morning to a new domain and it is working out great.   I am doing some looking around and found this tab which is pointing to our old Solar...
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    created by martian monster
  • DPA Login and alerting Questions

    Good afternoon!   I have a domain/LDAP question about flipping domains and I will try to explain things here the best I can.    We have a multi domain environment and currently have Domain A syncing...
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  • Buffer Cache Size & Buffer Pool Extension

    Hi,   Our production SQL Servers here all haved 100Gb of buffer pool extension. Each machine has 64Gb RAM. DPA is showing the Buffer Cache Size at just under 60Gb. Could someone please answer the following for m...
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    created by bobbyowens
  • DPA table that relates the DBUSER name with the SQLHASH

    I'm attempting to get the sql wait times for a specific DB User (on the DB User tab) via the DPA DB.   In the UI I can navigate to the DB User in question and drill down to the related SQLHASH and use that to cr...
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  • Can we trigger alert on third consecutive SQL Agent Job failure?

    Hello All,   There is cyclic job which executes every day with re-run interval 15 minutes.   We would like to ignore first 2 failures and send an alert only on third failure. Can this be achieved using DPA...
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  • Different modules - 1 server requirements

    Hello,     I have the below modules that I want to install on a dedicated server but I was wondering if the rule of adding 2GB of RAM for each module also applies here?   (Link with the rule I'm tal...
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  • Custom alerts on repository

    Hi,   I am trying to figure out an availability alert that will work for us and nothing seems to work as expected. We are monitoring 15 DBs from the same DPA instance. I want to be notified if we have issues acc...
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  • Fail to generate query plans on Stored Procedures

    I tried opening a case for this issue and received no resolution. When attempting to investigate why stored procedures are spending time at certain points in the procedure, I try to generate a query plan to see what ...
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  • Sybase SRS and IQ monitoring

    Hi Team   What all we can monitor for sybase SRS and IQ  using Solarwind DPA or any other module ?
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    created by sameer24186
  • DPA monitoring query for given parameter

    HI Team,   Is below parameter can be monitor through DPA   SQL Cluster failover Blockings & Lock Monitoring Long Running queries Instance Availability Mirroring status   Regards Sam
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  • DPAIM 11.1 or DPA 12.1.696 Issue

    Over the weekend we got this message in the DPA business layer log;   2019-04-28 13:02:21,600 [13] ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Common.SWEventLogging - Service was unable to open new database connection when requested...
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