• What We Are Working On for DPA (Updated November, 2019)

    To receive updates on the DPA roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   Here is a partial list of the things we are currently working on. Your comments and feedback are always welcome and have been vital in s...
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  • Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2019.4 Is Now Generally Available

    DPA 2019.4 - New Alert Email Customization, Best Practices Analysis, Azure SQL Managed Instance support, and more!We are excited to announce that the SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) release 2019.4...
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  • Custom Metric - Index Fragmentation

    DESCRIPTIONThis custom metric will track the fragmentation of an index   METRIC DEFINITIONTo create the custom metric, click on Options > Custom Resource Metrics and configure the metric similar to this:  ...
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  • The job [SummaryPollJob] has not been run in [1202] seconds, and its tolerance is set for [1200].

    Hi All,   I'm having below alert from DPA for all of our monitored servers. But i'm not able to figure it out what it is?   The job [SummaryPollJob] has not been run in [1202] seconds, and its tolerance i...
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  • DPA Free licence renewal - how ?

    How can I successfully renew free licence for DPA ?   Due to message "Your DPA Free installation has expired. Download the latest version of DPA Free" I downloaded last DPA install and did upgrade of existing in...
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  • Alert executed for not selected instances

    I am new to Solarwind tools and have alert configured to fire on failed SQL server job (in a picture) I though that it must execute only for selected database  instance, but it does execute for each of the envir...
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  • DPA - Total blocking time alert

    Hi,   Does anybody know how to extend the DPA - Total blocking time alert to include the spid, query text, users etc. as part of the email alert notification?
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    created by philter
  • Query to monitor free space for file group instead individual file

    Hello,   This question is about monitoring a free space in data files. Right now we have alert configure to monitor the free space inside a individual database file and we would like to change this to monitor a ...
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  • Query for top 15 SQL Statements Ranked by Cumulative Wait Time

    We use this report often to produce a report on what we need to fix next. And then track these fixes over their life, and celebrate when they drop off the report. I would like to run the query behind this report, on ...
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  • How to query DPA database to get same metrics as Perfstack through DPAIM

    I have DPA 12.1.698 installed using MySQL 5.7.9 (hey, it's free - don't judge ).  I want to run queries directly against the DPA repository to yield the same results as Perfstack would.  Longer story but I a...
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  • DPA trial setup with MySQL

    Working on a trial setup of DPA.  I can't find the appropriate MySQL version listed in the requirements.  I've tried doing a Linux and Windows setup, but MySQL is holding me back.  The requirements show...
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  • Automated Creation of NAMEs for HASHes - Version 1

    This is my fist attempt at automating the naming of HASHes within DPA. High level, I use DPA to support over 11,000 databases across 6 servers currently. There are too many hashes to manage manually so I sat down and ...
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    created by athornbury1
  • DPA ServiceNow Integration

    Hi there, is there any native ServiceNow integration in DPA for alerts similar to the Orion Platform?   Thanks
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  • Create a DPA alert if SQL is unable to see a drive

    Had an instance where sql failed over and it wasn't able to access the drive. Solarwinds is able to see the drive in windows and it was showing as normal. In DPA i can see where the drive was no longer being seen by s...
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  • DPA Custom Metrics - Hiding tabs on non-applicable SQL Server Instances

    Hi all, I've set up a custom metric that does a SQL query to find out how many users have registered in the past day from a specific application database.  This query only applies to one of our database instance...
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  • DPA Active Directory error

    On entering my connection information for Active director I receive this error: The AD-required name format is invalid.  Is this in reference to the domain name, or the username?  What format should be used?
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  • Installation of DPA, VMAN, SRM and NPM

    Hi,   I am looking to install DPA, VMAN, SRM and NPM asap, do they need installing on separate servers (seem to remember seeing a thread regarding DPA and NPM not installing on the same server). I plan on creat...
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  • Network requirements for DPA - USA and UK DB Servers

    Hi   We currently have DPA in the US and the UK.  UK is monitoring UK DB servers and US monitoring US DB servers.   Is there any issue with bringing over the monitoring of the US DB servers into the U...
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  • Create-Update NAMEs for HASHes.txt

    First attempt to create NAMEs for HASHes and insert them into the CON_SQL_NAME table. There are known limitations: - the CON_SQL_NAME table requires a unique HASH and a unique NAME - the CON_SQL_NAME table does NOT ...
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  • Metrics and / or components monitored by DPA

    Hi everyone, I wonder if DPA has any list of monitored components without SAM (SAM Component Monitor Types and SAM Template Reference). Thank
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