• DB2 doesn't work anymore since the update to 2019.4

    My DBA said that there is an error in the DPA Script....   Someone have a idea... ?   Before the update....everything worked well
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  • Is there a ‘Comprehensive Guide for DPA for SQL Server’?

    Is there such a thing as the ‘Comprehensive Manual for DPA for SQL Server’ ?  A document, guide or manual that covers DPA For SQL Server from top to bottom leaving nothing unexplained.  I’v...
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  • How can I view all the named queries on a server?

    Hopefully this is a simple question.   I need to view all the named queries on a server. Back some time ago I passed some tuning advice to a third party. It seems they took it, and the query I had originally nam...
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  • Smart queries

    Has someone compiled queries to run against the dpa_repository database for some insight into tuning metrics versus GUI option? e.g. I researched these DPA tables and trying to decipher data !   [dpa_repository]...
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  • Deadlocks w/o DPA Server

    Is there a way to create an alert for deadlocks in SolarWinds without the use of a DPA server?
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    created by don.crittendon
  • Table deletion is not captured in this tool

    Please let me know the way to look deletion executed queries in this tool when finding exact time from the server to solarwinds tool the statement show " SQL statement not available" kindly help me to find the delet...
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  • Solarwinds Database Monitoring

    I have been assigned a task to monitor the database of our company. We have around 25 SQL servers and I am currently looking for a tool to monitor the best. The major KPI's that we want to monitor are 1- CPU Wise Mos...
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    created by Farhood Nishat
  • Trigger all alerts to send emails

    Is there a way to trigger *all* alerts setup to be sent?  Maybe in some sort of test mode?  I'm configuring over 30 alerts across 4 servers right now, and it's simply not efficient to test these 1 by 1. ...
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  • DPA Alerts and dpa.body

    The documentation outlines this variable consists of alert status link, the alert notification text, and the value that triggered the alert.  However, if I try to format my own email with the alert message, I can...
  • DPA Custom Email Template and alert.status.message

    I'm trying to display either the alert.notificationText or the alert.status.message.  I had assume one or the other would be blank base on the status value (BROKEN or one of the other values).  So in my temp...
  • Alerting on new and dropped databases

    Is there a way to monitor for databases that are either dropped or added?  Using SolarWinds DPA 2019.4.1054 for SQL Server.
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  • Alerts - to assign databases instances in the alert definition or through Alert Groups

    To me, it seems like creating alerts with no database instances selected and assigning the servers via Alert Groups would be the best option.  But are there any alerts that this will not work on?  For exampl...
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    created by tonyfountain
  • SQL Server Error Log alerts

    With the way the SQL Server error log alert is designed, I have to create 1 alert for every "clause" I want to search for.  For example "Error" would be 1 alert, "Fail" would be another alert, and "whatever other...
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    created by tonyfountain
  • DPA Alerts and how to configure them

    Is there any documentation that goes through each alert type and describes how to leverage them (for SQL Server in my case).  For example, what values should I use for the calculation, percentage, etc.?  I r...
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    created by tonyfountain
  • The job [SummaryPollJob] has not been run in [1202] seconds, and its tolerance is set for [1200].

    Hi All,   I'm having below alert from DPA for all of our monitored servers. But i'm not able to figure it out what it is?   The job [SummaryPollJob] has not been run in [1202] seconds, and its tolerance i...
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  • DPA Free licence renewal - how ?

    How can I successfully renew free licence for DPA ?   Due to message "Your DPA Free installation has expired. Download the latest version of DPA Free" I downloaded last DPA install and did upgrade of existing in...
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  • Alert executed for not selected instances

    I am new to Solarwind tools and have alert configured to fire on failed SQL server job (in a picture) I though that it must execute only for selected database  instance, but it does execute for each of the envir...
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  • DPA - Total blocking time alert

    Hi,   Does anybody know how to extend the DPA - Total blocking time alert to include the spid, query text, users etc. as part of the email alert notification?
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    created by philter
  • Query to monitor free space for file group instead individual file

    Hello,   This question is about monitoring a free space in data files. Right now we have alert configure to monitor the free space inside a individual database file and we would like to change this to monitor a ...
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  • Query for top 15 SQL Statements Ranked by Cumulative Wait Time

    We use this report often to produce a report on what we need to fix next. And then track these fixes over their life, and celebrate when they drop off the report. I would like to run the query behind this report, on ...
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