• Number of CPU & Memory Spike of a Node information Stored in which Database table

    Hello,   I want to know in which database table of solarwinds the number of CPU & Memory spike of a Nodes information gets stored.
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  • Using DPA to find what queries are running at a particular point in time

    Hi have a slight issue in that I am not a DBA so I'm not 100% sure what to look for. We had an issue last night on one of our main BI DBs where IO to the Temp DB drive went nuts;   Log Name:  Application So...
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  • Host Dropped Received Packets - VM Option

    Hi guys,   I have two SQL servers on two different ESX host which have the VM license enabled.   Both have a lot of "Host Dropped Received Packets"   I see between 50 000 and 150 000 "host dropped re...
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  • Is it possible to configure MS SQL DPA to monitor only one database in instance

    Is it possible to configure MS SQL DPA to monitor only one database in instance? Thanks
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  • DPA monitoring of single database on shared instance

    We want to monitor a client of ours with DPA but they have a very particular architecture. They have a single DB instance with multiple databases, and we only own one of the databases. We would need DPA to be able to ...
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  • Adding Critical for jobs that are failing

    I want to add critical for selective jobs under 'SQL Server Job Failure' alert type. How can I  do that ?
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  • Currently evaluating DPA seeing lots of wait time caused by CPU/RAM but...

    Not seeing excessive CPU utilization and have allocated the max that SQL 2017 will allow for RAM and he'll have plenty of overhead for the OS. For instance I'm seeing a lot of wait time sourced from CPU/RAM this morni...
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  • DPA depreciating support for older SQL Server Instances what happens if we update?

    Hello DPA.  I was planning on updating the version of DPA that we run until one of the DBAs pointed out this feature below.   So at this point it looks like I will have to remain on 12.1.6 until at some ...
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  • DBA\Ignite DB consuming 2 TB Space

    Hi Team,   We are seeing huge amount of growth in following tables which store execution plan and query text, I would like to check following things:   Can I check if purging is working\not working? Any w...
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  • Trending / Current Hogs by User

         I'm positive I'm not the first to ask this, but I spent about 20 minutes looking for the answer must have lost my ability to search today...   Can someone point me to instructions on how...
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  • Decrease in WRITELOG waits leads to an increase in Memory/CPU waits

    Hello,   We have been testing a NetApp SSD to compare performance from our Hitachi SAN.  One of our "problem" databases is SolarWinds_NPM which has an enormous amount of WRITELOG waits. After migrating the...
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  • Need a tempdb alert for actual space used

    Hi,   I need an alert that sends a message when the actual tempdb usage is 80%. Our tempdb is pre-sized but I need to know when it close to filling up.
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  • tracking reads/sec and writes/sec

    I dont see the above metrics being tracked in DPA for my SQL Server 2005 instance. Does DPA track those metrics?
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  • Can DPA be installed to MSSQL without a sysadmin login for the repository and/or for monitored MSSQL servers?

    For installation of a DPA data repository in an MSSQL server, can it use an already existing login that is dbo in an already existing db   For registering an instance of a MSSQL server to be monitored, can I run...
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  • DPA alert for PLE

    Hi,   I want to create a alert when the PLE < 300seconds. Which values should I use for calculation and percentage?
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  • Proxy dpa:8123 via apache httpd with context-path

    Redhat Linux 7, DPA 12.0 (haven't gone to 12.1 yet), Apache httpd 2.4.x (that comes w/RHEL7)   I'd like to access DPA via apache httpd rather than directly to the tomcat app running on 8123. Now: https://mymoni...
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  • DPA show fragmented indexes

    Hi,   I'm fairly new to using DPA, and I'm not finding what I need. For a very specific scenario, we've got a DPA instance running for our developers. I know in Orion, you can drill down in to individual databas...
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  • metric results accuracy

    Hello,   I am using ignite DPA for past 3 days for monitoring a sqlserver 2008 R2 which hasnt been rebooted in an year. Application seems to be running slow for the past few days and I am currently looking at th...
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  • Where is the pre-configured SQL Server historical repository on AWS?

    Hello!   I saw the statement "You can now get a ready-to-go image that includes Database Performance Analyzer and a pre-configured SQL Server historical repository. " on this page: Amazon RDS Database Monitoring ...
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  • Integrate With Multiple SolarWinds Instances

    We have a couple SolarWinds instances, and would like to take advantage of the application mapping detection. Is it OK to integrate multiple distinct SolarWinds instances with DPA?
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