On the 24th of January, we asked the IT community to talk to us about security (Security Survey -- We Want to Know...). Well, the numbers are back and with no further ado, let's take a look (click any image to make it larger):

  • Almost everyone in our survey spends time on IT security

Pct of time doing security.PNG


  • IT professionals have a wide range of responsibilities

responsible for managing.PNG


  • IT professionals have a wide range of titles



  • IT professionals typically have a good bit of security expertise



  • IT professionals do not get to sleep very much

Keep up at Night.PNG


  • Data Loss Prevention is #1 security priority

Number one priority.PNG


  • 85% of IT professionals require at least one type of regulatory compliance.



  • Many IT professionals believe security is better than a year ago

Compared to a year ago.PNG

  • Reasons for a less secure feeling

Less secure.PNG


  • Details about survey respondents

where live.PNG


  • Size of respondent's company

company size.PNG

We've created a slideshare for more details:

We've also put together an informative whitepaper on security for you to peruse, also. Please check it out.




Stay safe out there,