• Patching Overwelming, need help ASAP!

    So, I am new to patching and I have been put in charge of Deploying patches using WSUS, it seems overwhelming all those patches and choices that need to be maid during the deployment. Too many choices and drop down a...
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  • Question about declining superseded updates

    Hi,     One of the best practices suggested for maintaining WSUS is to decline superseded updates that show as 100% non-applicable to your environment. Does this best practice assume you are always deployin...
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  • Does your company have outdated hardware and why?

    When I seen Windows 2000 servers still in service I cringe.  When it's a Windows NT server I don't have words to descibe my feelings, that I could put in print.  Most patching products are unable to patch th...
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  • No more adobe reader updates, just full versions?

    I recently ran into a problem where adobe reader was published and got installed onto several servers and other machines that we did not want it to be on.  Looking into it, it seems like the last reader update wa...
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  • Updates with no status

    Hello Everyone,   I’m running a Server 2008 R2 box with the WSUS role running on it. The server is also running patch manager. I have noticed that the summary status of updates has many updates with no s...
  • Pushing German Firefox

    Hello,   We are having some issues pushing out the German upgrade version of Mozilla Firefox to our German offices. I could only find the en-us version in the Mozilla packages you are offering so i created a dup...
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  • Using Client Side and Server Side Targeting together

    Hello guys,   I work for an organization that pretty extensively uses Active Directory to manage the workstations and most of the servers. However, there are a few servers which must remain isolated from the dom...
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  • A universal means to turn off Windows Update/ CachedAUOptions

    hi thanks for the posting Configuring the Windows Update Agent - General Settings Part 1 as well as similar http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/65506db3-656f-43e3-a9f1-0621fce58ba0/wind...
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  • Patch Manager Orion Website Report

    Hello All,   I have a quesiton about Patch Manger and the Orion website.  I am on Version 2.0.2146 and I would love to be able to create an report to show the 'Last Contact' entry for all the workstations a...
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  • Managing Red Hat Paches

    Hello,   I looked on the spreadsheet for 3rd party patches and I did not see any OSes like Microsoft Windows or Red Hat.  I am wondering if the Patch Manager manager, manage patches for Red Hat?
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  • Receive error when trying to publish "Failed to publish ****. Failed to create cab; error was 2147942402

    After downloading the content for the Java RE 7u11(x86) package and publishing it, I receive the following error in the Patch Manager Publishing Wizard: Any assistance in getting this resolved would be appreciated...
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  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Over on the Geek Speak blog, phil3 writes about the potential impact of malware on online banking activities in Unpatched Systems Can Lead to Bank Fraud. Whether it's your own accounting department managing your busin...
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