Community Vibe

1 Post authored by: Randy Ramirez

Who's who:   So last week I shared our recent quest to make the profiles for the SolarWinds team more interesting.  As I mentioned, the team here decided to write Kenny's bio for him.  Take a look... kvanzant 

What's new:   As I am sure you noticed, we have update the landing page for Thwack.  We had several goals for this:  1.  Cleaner look with less clutter and marketing stuff.  2.  Give you all current updates (via this update and forum scoop)  3.  Make it easier for new users to understand their actions.  The specified item was not found.  

Do we have any bargain hunters out there?  Found out in the hall this morning that we have a great deal on IP Monitor... take a look... it is going fast.(ends on the 26th)

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