Happy Halloween!  We are excited to share with you a new series hot off the press from the amazing SolarWinds video team.  I present to you, IT Tickets from Hell.

IT Tickets from Hell: Bug Report

SolarWinds presents stories so scary, so maddening that they can only come from one place. Professor Acula, architect of your nightmares, hosts IT Tickets from Hell. The first horror story comes straight from the help desk. One sysadmin will find out there is more to his ticket beneath the surface in Bug Report.


IT Tickets from Hell: Inbox of the Undead

Professor Acula in this fiendishly frightening tale of ‘IT Tickets from Hell’ tells the story of the sysadmin who is haunted by the zombie army of end-users whose email is down. How can he track, manage and resolve all these tickets from so many users? How can he put an end to this email eeriness?



IT Tickets from Hell: Margins of Madness

Another uncanny tale from the mysterious Professor Acula. There is no paper in the printer. But the printer shows the ‘Paper Jam’ error message. This could happen to you on All Hallows Eve or just any day of the year. When strange and spooky IT tickets surface, what can a sysadmin do? How to manage these tickets and troubleshoot the devilish printer and other IT equipment?