π day ...

Posted by MTorok Mar 14, 2014

Hi everyone and happy π day.


It is not without regret that I also have to share with you my departure from the realms of thwack. I am off to wander new roads. Some of you know and have seen many of the twists and turns in my career of 7.5 years here at SolarWinds. Many of you have born witness to some of the greatest successes and some of the less than successful switchbacks... a 4 hour outage of thwack comes to mind as one of the later. Though, introducing ideation and gamification to the community I like to think of as some of the former.


There have been some incredible strides made here on thwack over the last few years and I am very proud of how the community has taken shape and the incredibly cool things you have done for us at SolarWinds. You have helped us with your feedback through polls, feature requests, and discussions to shape better product and give you what you want. I want to personally thank you for your contributions... so, Thank you. Thank you to all our MVPs, our Ambassadors, and our incredibly active internal folks, like aLTeReGo and that guy in the postscript below. adatole, it was one of the highlights of my time at SolarWinds to meet such a genuine advocate and all-around great gentleman.


I leave you in the capable hands of DanielleH. She has proven herself more than capable in her role of community manager here on thwack. I have also heard a rumor that our head geek friend, patrick.hubbard is going to lend a hand in my absence. I know the future holds great things for the growth of thwack and a green field of opportunities for the community. I will watch, you can be sure.


Thank you for your interaction and your help. You make the community.


Keep in touch...I'll probably be on here often. It's a difficult habit to break.


Be careful out there and keep your knees in the wind.





Here you go Bronx, I mentioned you.

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