Hey Everyone... Here’s the deal: we’re torn.


There are a bunch of us here that are embroiled in creating a new bracket for you to check out during Free Throws in March (or even instead?). But the gauntlet is about to be thrown and we want you to weigh in on the first and ultimate decision…


Hold everything, what's a bracket battle you ask? Take a look at last year's battle here:  Sci-Fi Bracket Battle.

Is it Gandalf versus Elric of Melnibone? Or, would you be more interested in a Noctis Lucis Caelum versus Hawke? A bracket with John Snow or one with Sergeant Logan Walker?


This is what is keeping us up at night right now… what do you want to see us put our heads together on? Do you want a Fantasy genre bracket or a video game driven bracket? Do you want to debate Kirby over Pac-Man or Shea Ohmsford over Ben Holiday?


Bring your opinion to the feast hall here: For the upcoming March 2014 Bracket Battle... what shall it be?


And may you walk with the Light Warriors, no matter your choice.


See you on the boards,