Hi everyone,

I wanted to point out a couple of changes that will arrive with the upgrade beginning in the wee hours tomorrow and continuing possibly until 10 or 11am CST.


First, I do apologize, but you have all been so active over the last year and a half that our database itself is taking 6 hours to port and upgrade... so, I'm not sorry, I'm thankful.


Thank you.


At the same time, I know this will cut into some work time for many of you and that just was not avoidable. We expect things to go smooth... okay, no we don't, but wouldn't it be great if it did go super smoothly? As any good software/hardware/tech guy, I expect things to break. But, I hope they go super smooth. I could then stand in awe and feel strangely touched by the FSM instead of feeling like I might have let down an FSM community member.


Okay, barring major issues, here are some of the more noticeable changes you'll see.


Where'd my bookmarks go?


Your bookmarks are safe.

They have moved from here:


To the spotlight search bar, here:



How does this affect content creation?


If anything, I think the upgrade will make it a bit more intuitive for you to create content. After selecting the type, you get to the editor. If you are already in the forum you want to post in, the new content editor defaults to post there. You can change it, but you don't have to pick a location after a content type anymore.


By the way, don't pick a blog. Right now, we are still only allowing employees to blog on thwack. If you select a blog, you'll need to cancel your content creation as there will be nowhere to post it.


What about my calendar? My inbox?


If you were using the calendar icon next to search to lead you to your calendar, no worries. We just moved it to the profile menu:


When you have a new item in your inbox, you'll see a clickable orange notification button next to your name:

Welcome   thwack.png


Need to use a quote in your reply?


Depending on the type of content you're replying to, you'll either see this:

Community Vibe  When we come back to our regula...   thwack.png


Or this:

Edit reply to  Re  Installed rule fails to eval...   thwack.png


Don't Let Anyone Else Edit Your Idea

As it spins, if you are signed in, you have the ability to create "ideas" in our feature request forums. These are used, as the name implies, for feature requests.

When you create your idea, please Restrict Authors under the Advanced Options. This will keep others from being able to edit your idea. Not sure why ideas/feature requests would be a collaboration content type, but it seems our platform folks think it should be. I'm asking about defaulting this to restricted, but meanwhile check that box:


Oh, Red Bar o' Death

We have another issue we are working on that involves our infamous Red Bar of Death...


If you are receiving an error stating that your content cannot be save and you might possibly be logged out, please go to your profile and fill in a first and last name. The error comes from these fields not being filled out in your profile. You do not have to share these fields, but you do need them filled out. We are working on a fix to this that will copy your username into your first and last name fields... but you can fix this before we get there by supplying something in the first and last name fields.


Please feel free to reach out to me (MTorok) or DanielleH with any questions. I hope this is a smooth and easy transition.




See you on the boards,