***The survey is closed. Thank you to everyone for participating. Loving the lists...***


Hi everyone,

For those of you who don't deal with me walking around the office with Beastie Boys lyrics occasionally slipping into my conversations... I guess I thought I'd share?


It just seemed strangely appropriate for this blog on numerous levels... here's the deal. We want to know what you want for the holidays. Whatever holiday you celebrate through the winter solstice, most of y'all are going to embrace the germanic tree tradition in some way, and we are curious. What are you asking Roboclaus for? What are you saving up for or fighting the urge to buy now, so you can blame the holidays for splurging? Has the Xbox One caught your eye? Maybe it's the PlayStation 4? Or maybe it's a new GoPro cam? Let us know.


I'm currently fighting the urge to get this:



So, head on over to the survey, tell us what'cha want, and we'll give you 250 points. And, just when you thought you knew exactly where your desires were focused, we'll reveal the top picks in a few weeks... to add choices to the dilemma.


And yes, it is early... but it is never to early to figure out how you will avoid all brick and mortar stores during the next 2.5 months...


See you on the boards,