Hi everyone,


Well, here we are, October is here and you can almost make it to the end of your driveway here in Austin without the fear of heat stroke.


October brings pumpkins, pumpkin pie, dark beer, autumn home brew... pumpkin spiced ale (yes, currently in the secondary fermentor in the beer closet). And, for once, I'm not digressing, because October has also brought us the SolarWinds thwack pint glass. I just got off the phone with our supplier and approved the coolness... and tonight it shall hold frothy goodness. Yours can too... Nothing makes the logo pop like a good porter background (though I guess you could make them work-friendly and fill it with some caramel-colored soft drink goodness).  Get yours now, friends, in the store.






We've added the thwackpacks, and you know you want one. They are well worth the 10k points. We tested over 5 different backpacks before signing off on these. Appropriately, these are made by Elleven and simply deliver that little bit more than 10 will allow... Nigel and his friends know exactly what I'm talking about. It has a side zip compartment for your laptop (up to 17") and unzips flat for easy scanning at the airport. That little board with the USBs strapped to it in the picture could only be better if it were black on black on black with black lettering. It keeps all your thumb drives, your phone (s), your ipod, what have you, all in one place... strapped in to a friction pad, so they won't move. No, the pictured stuff is not included. You don't want that flip phone.



We asked, we listened, we deliver....  If you could add an item to the Thwack Store what would it be



You wanted a hoodie... well, we've a limited quantity of these in the store... when they are gone, they are gone.


T-shirts with Tude...


I've always liked the Geek shirts and they aren't going away, but there is so much attitude to share, no?

Tee-Replace-User-FULL[1].jpg Tee-Network-FULL[1].jpg Tee-Not-Babbling-FULL[1].jpg


And why not a mouse?


We dropped one of these in the store, too. You can never have too many, right? I know I never lost so many mice (or DVDs for that matter) until my son realized that the cordless mouse could be used as a hover craft, a replacement hot wheels, or any number of other vehicles his imagination concocted.

I've already ordered mine (it will be the one I hide and only take out when the others have all gone missing...)




thwackCamp Limited Edition Gear


We've got 2 limited edition thwackCamp options, too. The long sleeve


and the thwackCamp combo (which is a sweet leather embossed notebook and messenger bag).

You can get the points required for these by simply attending thwackCamp and staying tuned for the intermission quizzes. Check out more here thwackCamp 2013... right around the October corner  and here thwackCamp 2013.


SolarWinds Lab Limited Edition Shirts


And, of course, we've restocked polos, and both of our cup styles, and we're waiting on pics for our other limited edition offering: The SolarWinds Lab shirt. It's a wihte shirt with the SolarWinds Lab logo on the front left and It's Technical on the back.


Meanwhile, sit back, enjoy the slightly cooler weather that seems to imply winter might show ups some day, and have an English Porter or an Irish Stout which doesn't care if it's served warm.


Cheers and see you on the boards,