Hey everyone,

It's that wonderful time of the year... no, not Black Friday or Cyber Monday (as if every day wasn't Cyber Monday and you'd catch any of us anywhere but online on Black Friday... but I digress).


It's time for thwackCamp 2013.


What is thwackCamp?


Well, thwackCamp 2013 will be a number of streamed sessions, 4 to 5 per day, given by SolarWinds Product Managers with a live chat option to get your questions answered. You will hear in depth discussion on everything from product features to the SWQL to SWIS.

4 days, 4 main topics, loads of info:


Not Enough? How Could That Be?


In true thwack style, you get points for participation. So, here's the break out:

  • Join the group to RSVP thwackCamp 2013 (earn 500 pts)
    • For 500 points, you can get a limited edition thwackCamp 2013 long sleeve shirt.
    • For 750 points, you can get a limited edition thwackCamp messenger bag and notebook.
  • During the lunch hour each day, we will open a 5 question quiz. You will have 24 hours to collect 50 points per correct answer... that's a total of 1000 points over the four (4) days. Don't you hate when people put numbers like four in parenthesis, as if you didn't know 4 was spelled four.
  • Every day there will be a drawing amongst quiz participants for a daily prize. Check out the prizes in the group: thwackCamp 2013.

What if I Miss It?

Okay, even though we spread the sessions over 4 days and we would really like to see our chat server nuke with all the activity, we also understand that you all have real day jobs. So, all the sessions will be made available after thwackCamp for viewing at your leisure. We don't want you to miss anything... okay, except the contests. Sorry, those you'll miss.

I think that covers it... If I missed something, I bet you can find it in the group.

See you on the boards and in camp!