Hi everyone,


It all started with a bit of badging... and then... well, we realized we really should be offering you all more.

SolarWinds is making folks aware of our affiliate program -- become our partner.


What It Is


Really? Okay, I'm pretty sure you know, but I'll go ahead spell some things out. As an affiliate, you will place banner either exclusively or in a rotation on your website. For each download the banner receives from your site... well... cash. That is, we will monitor the downloads and write you checks.


How Do I Sign Up?


Head on over to the SolarWinds Affiliate Program group and check it out. You'll want to review the docs (Affiliate Program Overview and the Affiliate Partner Application), as there are some restrictions and a minimal number of hoops.


So come on down and get paid for your traffic.


Skeptical? You're not alone, but you need not remain a skeptic:

I have been an affiliate of Solarwinds’ for 5 years.  Actually, I took a lot of persuading at the start; there are so many schemes out there that don’t deliver, or rip-off site owners, but joining turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.  Aside from having products that techies like, what makes the difference is that you can always talk with 2 or 3 people at Solarwinds who ‘own’ the company’s affiliate program.


So, come on over and check out our new group. Reach out to anwaldmann and smckinney and get your questions answered.



See you on the boards,