Hi everyone... it looks like there are people here who are really trying to make me eat my words about July being the winningest month.


We've got a contest for those of you with the creative bug coupled with the ability to remotely fix an issue and save your vacation -- Isn't that all of you?


You know, we've all been there: the phone call you are dreading comes as you are about to get on the plane... heading for the vacation you haven't dared to take. And, just as you begin to board, everyone turns their eyes to you as your phone begins to play the "work" ringtone (don't even try to deny you have one -- mine is The Godfathers).


Well, we're looking for your stories... how did you save the day? Head over to the contest page for more info and come on back to post your stories. There's an example over there, but it lacks pictures... don't you really want to add a few pictures of what you saved? I'm jealous already.


The contest will start August 12th and runs through September.




See you on the boards,