Hi everyone,

When I'm not playing your friendly neighborhood IT psychologist, I make sure that your voice gets heard inside the walls here.


So, I need to hear from you to make sure you are getting something out of our programs and, heart be still, possibly enjoying them also. This brings me to my point: we want to hear how you're liking/disliking SolarWinds Labs. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback: SolarWinds Lab - Tell Us What You Think Survey.


And, if you have other ideas on how we could reach out to you with educational content or with anything else to help, let me know. You can send me a direct message or @ me or DanielleH in a post.


Oh, we're giving away t-shirts, but we all know the restrictions there (Have an Opinion About SolarWinds Lab? We'll Reward Your Thoughts With a Shirt and Endless Gratitude)... so, I rather thought to leave that to the last. What we really need is your engagement so that we know if we've hit on a good thing. Should we continue... are you interested?


Thanks everyone.


See you on the boards,


Hi everyone,


It all started with a bit of badging... and then... well, we realized we really should be offering you all more.

SolarWinds is making folks aware of our affiliate program -- become our partner.


What It Is


Really? Okay, I'm pretty sure you know, but I'll go ahead spell some things out. As an affiliate, you will place banner either exclusively or in a rotation on your website. For each download the banner receives from your site... well... cash. That is, we will monitor the downloads and write you checks.


How Do I Sign Up?


Head on over to the SolarWinds Affiliate Program group and check it out. You'll want to review the docs (Affiliate Program Overview and the Affiliate Partner Application), as there are some restrictions and a minimal number of hoops.


So come on down and get paid for your traffic.


Skeptical? You're not alone, but you need not remain a skeptic:

I have been an affiliate of Solarwinds’ for 5 years.  Actually, I took a lot of persuading at the start; there are so many schemes out there that don’t deliver, or rip-off site owners, but joining turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.  Aside from having products that techies like, what makes the difference is that you can always talk with 2 or 3 people at Solarwinds who ‘own’ the company’s affiliate program.


So, come on over and check out our new group. Reach out to anwaldmann and smckinney and get your questions answered.



See you on the boards,


I'm rather hoping very few of you were affected by the maintenance/upgrade outage we experienced on Wednesday at 3am CDT... We try to keep these windows outside of most people's use patterns. Of course, if you are in North America, I hope we succeed. If you are in India, I know we at least did this during lunch time? Apologies to those of you in Germany, France, and the UK if we caught you during the morning and early afternoon for our Turkish friends. It is getting harder and harder to find a globally acceptable time.


Events Calendar


So, apologies out of the way... I'm rather excited to introduce the calendaring functionality we plugged into our instance the other night. Calendaring will allow you to keep your SolarWinds specific events on your own calendar in your profile. You will get reminder and update notification in your Communication stream. Also, you can download event info to your desktop calendaring client and use it to remind you.

When you see an event on the calendar (head over to the Community Events, Webcasts & Training to check it out, by the way) just click it to get more information.

8-8-2013 1-13-11 PM.png

After clicking, you'll see detailed information about the event, including the description, location, type of event and the ability to RSVP.

8-8-2013 1-16-21 PM.png


And, as I mentioned, you can find the ability to download an event to your local calendar software on the right, under Actions.

8-8-2013 1-26-44 PM.png

I'm sure we will communicate our activities in many ways, but if you are looking for a consolidated calendar, that is what we're creating here.

Come on over and take a look.




We also added support for mobile devices. While I had the option to force mobile traffic to the mobile site, I know I like to decide on my experience. So, I left it to you. There's a big green button on the home page that will link you to the mobile site.



Mobile lets you browse the different forums, check your followed activity and keep up with your communications.


If you like the full experience, feel free to keep using it on your tablets and phones. The mobile site is on its own URL (https://thwack.jive-mobile.com/), and, as I said, I did not force rerouting to it from your phone or tablet.


Thanks everyone.


See you on the boards,


Hi everyone... it looks like there are people here who are really trying to make me eat my words about July being the winningest month.


We've got a contest for those of you with the creative bug coupled with the ability to remotely fix an issue and save your vacation -- Isn't that all of you?


You know, we've all been there: the phone call you are dreading comes as you are about to get on the plane... heading for the vacation you haven't dared to take. And, just as you begin to board, everyone turns their eyes to you as your phone begins to play the "work" ringtone (don't even try to deny you have one -- mine is The Godfathers).


Well, we're looking for your stories... how did you save the day? Head over to the contest page for more info and come on back to post your stories. There's an example over there, but it lacks pictures... don't you really want to add a few pictures of what you saved? I'm jealous already.


The contest will start August 12th and runs through September.




See you on the boards,


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