Here we are again, brothers and sisters. The month of glory leading to our day in the sun comes... and goes much too quickly.


The last Friday of July, if you are wondering what the heck Torok is talking about, is SysAdmin day. This year, we've gone ahead and put together a meme cookoff. I have no shame, I stand before you like Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume (1990) - IMDb, more like he actually is, not what he says he's wearing... and when someone is cratering my site and I have to ban IPs, I still dig up Iron Chef classic and watch a few minutes. The eel battle is one of my favs, but the tuna battle... come on, who doesn't think dessert ice cream when they hear tuna? I digress. Here's the challenge: We want your SysAdmin memes.


We offer you the meme standoff, the cookoff, maybe not Hell's Kitchen, more classic Iron Chef. A good healthy slice of user folly and/or misconception is what you're serving up in all its wriggling glory. How are you going to saute' that meme? And, given the choice between the one-liner and the 6-tile meme, we want to know, Whose meme reigns supreme?


What is at stake? Your fame. Your chance to go viral. Let the boiling pot overflow. Let the judges have a taste (it's you, too). Let's bring this on!


Oh, we're also giving away a MS Surface RT with keyboard/touch cover for the highest voted meme... . We've heard a lot of noise about BYOD... we deal with it daily. So, we thought you might be more interested in having a hack at the Surface RT: The first tablet that's ready for the enterprise | TechRepublic.


Second place gets a Samsung Chromebook 3g and third a $100 card. We tried to get the contest approved for international here, but we've sadly been constrained to North America, again. We'll keep trying.


As I said, you can enter either or both the 6-tile, What-I-do styled meme, or a single-tile meme styled with your irony, wit, and wicked hot searing humor unleashed.

On July 1, the doors of the stadium will open and you can enter here: SysAdmin Day Contest 2013.

Need more info... feeling unschooled? Check the SysAdmin Day Contest 2013 FAQ.


Don't forget the legal handcuffs, here...SysAdmin Day Contest 2013 Terms & Conditions

I'm sure the poetry lady would love to send me a note now... I'm waiting.


So, let's do this thing.



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