Hi everyone,

So, things have been rather exciting lately on thwack. It looks like a lot of folks find the new navigation an easy adaptation and that got us thinking. We love working with our user experience department here. We know that we do the right things when we involve them and we all involve you. So, this past weekend, we rolled out two changes.

  1. We added a UX Participant field to your profile. If you are interested in working with our UX team, at your convenience and for the opportunity to secure 2000 points, change the field from No (default) to Yes (I want to be involved). A touch later in this blog, I'll step you through that process.
  2. We also added a feature I'm rather jazzed about. If you haven't noticed, I'm not huge on upgrading or adding features to the community without some evident goodness. The Links menu is all about the goodness. One of our longtime community members pointed out that you cannot bookmark overview pages in the community... like Network Management or PatchZone. So, I saw this as an unnecessary limitation. We've remedied that, as of Friday night.


Check the UX Box


So, how do you choose to help out our UX team? You can always reach out to me (MTorok) or Danielle (DanielleH), now, you can also reach out in the UX group (User Experience). But, even better than that, there's a checkbox in your profile and we will reach out to you.

When a new test needs to be conducted, our UX folks are always looking for people both familiar and unfamiliar with the products, website, thwack, et cetera. You can easily raise your hand by going no further than your profile in thwack.

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of your name, and then click Edit profile & privacy.
    ProfileDropDown5-6-2013 11-31-05 AM.png
  2. Scroll down until you see the Possible Ux Participant field. We default to No, because we really do want you to want to do this and not bug you if you don't.
    ProfileField5-6-2013 11-14-24 AM.png
  3. Change that radio button to Yes, and then click Save.
  4. Your Profile will now show your selection.
    ProfileYes5-6-2013 11-16-26 AM.png
  5. We will run a report and privately pull those of you who want to participate into a list for our UX team. They will reach out to you when they need participants. You will receive 2000 points to spend in the store when you are called into a study... Easy, right?


Add Your Own Favorites to thwack -- Internal or External Links


Now, I've got to say, I'm pretty darn excited about this one. Of course, we are always looking to make thwack as easy as possible to navigate. But, we are also interested in having you use thwack as hub for your IT explorations. To help with both of those goals, we've implemented the Links plugin. Check it out!

  1. Log in to thwack. The Links menu is only available to members of the community.
  2. In the navigation bar, near Search and Browse, you'll find Links.
    Links5-6-2013 11-11-21 AM.png
  3. Click the down arrow. You'll find the five (5) links we've inserted. Click Edit.
    LinksEdit5-6-2013 11-11-56 AM.png
  4. On the Edit Your QuickLinks page, type the label and URL (internal or external) that you want in your Links menu, and then click Save.
    LinksEditPage5-6-2013 11-12-23 AM.png
  5. Take a look at your updated Links menu. Notice that your links are above those we added. They take precedence. Also, your links are available only to you. They are associated with your profile. You must log in to see the Links menu.
    LinksUpdated5-6-2013 12-31-32 PM.png

Have a great week everyone.


See you on the boards,