Of course we listened... actually. That's what we do.


Anyway, over the past year, we've done a huge amount of growing and thinking on the community side and sometimes we got it right (ideation comes to mind...vote on those feature requests) and sometimes, well, we missed a bit (what the **** is a space?).


So, we spent the last two weeks working with our designers and our UX folks to come up with, test, and implement our new navigation. Some things to note...

  1. Spaces are gone. That construct just didn't work for you or for us... everything really was a forum, so why call it something else? Forum is back.
  2. We split the general forums from the product-specific forums. Any product-specific forums will now be located under Product Forums:

    Any general discussions will go on in the General IT Forums... that includes the Ambassador posts, so keep a look out here:
  3. We renamed a few forums, but we hope they are self explanatory, for example, General Networking became Network Complexity under the General IT Forums and General Log and Event became Security and Compliance. If you are looking for anything and cannot find it, always feel free to reach out to me (MTorok) or Danielle (DanielleH). We will get  you where you want to go.
  4. We dropped the Groups tile off the top of the site. Groups are not gone, but we heard most people are invited in a different way. So, if you are looking for groups, you can still find all of them under Community in either of the new menus:
    And you can find your specific groups by clicking on your name, and then selecting the Forums & Groups tab. From there, you can selectively filter on those groups you follow or those you're a member of.
  5. As with Groups, you can find all the blogs together in either of the new menus, also:
  6. Looking for the Free Tool forums? They aren't gone... you'll find them under Tools in the Product Forums:
    Clicking that link will let you browse all the forums of all our free tools.
  7. Lastly, we renamed Social Groups to just Groups... again, that's just what we call them?


If you are seeing any kind of strangeness in the nav, like these gaps:


Press CTRL+F5 and it should clear up with a hard refresh of the page.


Please feel free to reach out, as I said before, if you can't find what you're looking for. We're interested in hearing your responses and reactions to the changes.


See you on the boards,



Game on!

Posted by MTorok Apr 9, 2013

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I've been able to share some exciting news that didn't deal with mopping the floor with galactic foes... and, as the anniversary of our re-launch is upon us, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of what tomorrow brings, both literally and figuratively. We are rolling out the latest gaming module on thwack. Indeed, you are probably reading this the day it arrived (my literal tomorrow). I've got to say, the module looks pretty slick. And, yes, I've a favorite feature... of course I do.


But first, lets take a look at the visuals, the nav changes, then I'll talk favs. And, let's start at the top right. There's a new feature up there next to your name... you see your points. But, if you click on your points, you get a drop down dialog of Your Reputation.


Here you can see your cumulative points, your level, the next level and a quick status bar to tell you how close you are to the next level. You'll also see a suggested mission and a More button under that. The More button navigates you to your Reputation tab in your Profile.


On the Reputation tab, you can really see a nice breakout of your latest Activity, Missions (those you've complete and those you have left), the Places you've earned points, and your Ranking overall and amongst your friends.


Check out Missions:



And Places (you can see that I've earned points in the NPM forums, but no badges...at least on our staging server):



And Ranking (on the staging server... I've also got crazy skilz with the point collection (AKA, called admin rights abused)):



So, what is my favorite new feature?

Me in Three...

This allows you to select 3 of your earned badges that you feel represent you and make them show up when people hover over your name:


The first time you hover over yourself, you'll see something like the above capture. Navigate over to the Reputation tab (click Reputation in the dialog or go to your profile or click More after clicking your points up top-right... many ways to get there), hover over the down arrow near your badges, and then drag and drop:



When you're done, you'll see your representative badges when you hover over your name on the boards:



This is just part of the coolness... explore, there's a lot to experience.


Oh, and I wasn't kidding about the figurative tomorrow. We have heard your suggestions and have struggled with our Forums and Spaces navigation ourselves. I think you'll like what is coming next.... we're going to rejigger the top tiles a bit. Going to get some UX testing on that later this week. Stay tuned.


And, yes, thwack remains a forum for information. You are not required to do any of this stuff to get what you need here. We just like to think we make the work a bit more fun and finding and providing information a bit more rewarding.


As always, feel free to reach out to me MTorok or DanielleH with any questions.


See you on the boards,


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