Okay, folks... I am shaken to my geek core. I guess I can see the justice in letting Ripley beat out Hiro (though I still think his swordsmanship and crazy driving skills should have been considered an equal match for Ripley carrying an alien baby...okay, still bitter), but the notion that a computer that can open and close airlocks and bore you to death with its drone should move on and leave Wintermute in the dust? Really? Alright, as with all things thwack, we don't manipulate the numbers, edit the posts (except for vulgarity and such), or delete just because we disagree... But, someone do me a favor and explain that travesty to me.


In any case, Fleet 16, stage 2 of the Contests & Missions, is open and we've had some fun, check out TiffanyNels' post (The Intergalactic Kegger Continues) to see what we've done and then have some fun voting. Interesting to see the IID progress, though the logic against it doing so was quite aptly explained, hats off to tcanniff for his defense of a C3PO win in the prequel.


I'm thinking Prefect has a good chance. You can't beat the towel.

Solo will take out Picard's tool, but maybe not Picard.

River must out-brain HAL.

Much to Tiffany's chagrin, I think Q will take the Doc, TARDIS or not.

Ripley, if she can outwit Hiro, can certainly out do Number 6.

Borg over MAL.

IID over Spock, leaving Spock quite broken by his exposure to the infinitely improbable.

I don't see how Kaylee can take Paul... just can't get my head around that one.


I still like my original picks, but we must adapt.


See you on the boards,


Hi everyone,

I wanted to reach out, as we have a number of new members of the community and returning members, and re-familiarize you with your preferences screen. Earlier this morning, we were a touch over zealous in wishing you all a happy Pi day and zapped our welcome message in the process.

When we put it back, I immediately received a number of emails about being welcomed to something you were already an active part. I went searching... I don't like confusing people, especially when we make mistakes.

#1, I included a staging link to Getting Started. That was definitely not intended.

#2, I realized just how many of you have this setting turned on in your preferences.

I'm super glad you have this setting on, but if you want to stop getting notified when a new system announcement is set, you can turn it off. Of course, this is how we notify you of system maintenance and other down time and issues, so you might really want to keep it and forgive me my lack of coffee this morning.


To adjust your preferences:

  1. Click the down arrow next to your name -- top-right of the window.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. On the preferences window, set Everything in my Communications page to Off.



I'll see you on the boards,


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