Hi all,

Here at SolarWinds we are known for a number of things:

  • We embrace change. If you are here and you don't, you are miserable.
  • We tenaciously hold on to the things that work.
  • We never give up (we refocus *grin*).
  • We never forget where we came from (or "from whence we came"... to avoid that prepositional ending).
  • When we fall down, we get right back up.


All that said, I was and remain cautious when introducing spaces to the community. I understand the need for a space for each product, that just makes sense. But, when program managers, product managers, product marketing folks, and others come asking for their own custom spaces, you better believe I look for the community up side, and there better be one. We launched the EoL/EoS space because we found it difficult to find end-of-life data for multiple vendor devices. We saw a need and are now working to sate that need.


We are not done with our updates to EOL Lookup. How could we be? But, I'm writing this to let you know that we believe we have made improvements on the search (please let us know if the IE10 fixes we put in place help?) and we've added over 1000 more Cisco devices to the lists.


We do have a vision. We want to create a one-stop shop for our customers to find this information. And, I want to point out, that this is not some SEO move or attempt to do anything other than provide information you might find helpful as you deal with vendors EoL'ing and EoS'ing your network devices. Again, as we continue to hear of security breaches and the need to bolster our network defenses, one significant way to make sure we stay secure is updating vendor software and ensuring our devices stay up to date.


Knowledge is power. Knowledge offers opportunity. And, knowledge helps you prepare for both the inevitable and the unknown. When you know support for your devices is coming to an end, you can prepare for that other conversation -- the conversation with the CFO about updating the server/switch/router closet. Much better to have that conversation in advance than when you are scrambling to plug holes and sandbag the perimeter only to find you cannot update your IOS.


We hope you find this rev helpful and please provide feedback either in the comments here or you can direct message me MTorok -- reach out. We are listening. Oh, and to see how you might combine this service with your Network Configuration Manager install, check out Jiri's post here: SolarWinds EOL Lookup: Which of My Devices Will Become End-of-Life?


See you on the boards,


Hi everyone,

We're asking you and everyone you know to come check out our security survey (SolarWinds Security Survey) and give us your opinion and tell us a bit about what keeps you up at night when it comes to your network's security.

I'm sure you are all thinking about compliance, threats, and security breaches rather regularly, even without the notion of a looming Cyber 9/11 and Janet Napolitano ('Cyber 9/11' may be on horizon, Homeland Security chief warns | Security & Privacy - CNET News) -- though, it doesn't hurt to have a big boot reminder every once in a while, right?


Let us know what is on your mind. The survey runs from 1/24/2013 to 2/24/2013. As a touch of incentive, the first 100 entrants will receive a $15 Amazon gift card.


Check it out.

See you on the boards,


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to get the word out, in case you missed it, about our store updates. We've added a number of items, from rubik's cubes to ear buds to light-up yo-yos to mobile device wedges.


Having seen the gap between the 150 point mark, we felt the need to fill it... you know, like that stocking hanging flat and lonely from the mantle just a few short weeks ago.


Anyway, I thought I'd point you over to the store (Store | thwack) again and also let you know that the mobile wedges are super cool. If you are one of those folks that need to put your phone on your desk because it is the house of all meeting and appointment and birthday reminders... nevermind the "go pick up the boy from school" reminders (wait, that might just be me)... the wedge absolutely rocks it. It sticks to the desk and holds your phone at a nice 45(ish) degree angle.


So, check out the new swag -- the wall walker is kid tested and meeting interrupter approved! My last core team (where we talk all things thwack) saw one hit the glass and walk autonomously down... DanielleH



Not to leave any staff favs out, check out the mousepad, etch-a-sketch, scramble puzzle, and a nifty screen cleaner, too. Somebody here loves her mousepad...

mousepad[1].jpgand etchersketch[1].jpgand scramblepuzzle[1].jpgandscreencleaner[1].jpg


And if you're anything like me and require all my gadgets to do 10 things and then complain about the battery, next time you use the GPS, plug in one these USB power/charger deals for the car and drive without worrying about killing your juice.



See you on the boards,


Hi everyone,

So, I'm on break, but I'm realizing that I rarely let myself be on break. I don't degrid well.

I've checked email all weekend... the weekend before Christmas. Today is Christmas Eve, the day before I am off for the week. I've set this up to go live on the 1st, knowing full well I'll be watching to make sure it does.


The week before, I ran across an article that has been haunting me a bit. It is in the print version of Information Week, December 17, 2012, "Always Connected, But Always Distracted," by John McGreavy. Yes, I still read dead trees. I love books, but that is completely off topic. I'm sure you can find the column online. It is in the Secret CIO section.


Anyway, if you haven't read it, you might give it a go. It isn't much longer than my blog here, but the message that I took away was twofold. One, we are very able to see attitudes and behaviors in others that we should identify in ourselves. Two, there is a time to de-grid and you better know it and do it. If you are lucky, you observe yourself in others and recognize yourself. Less lucky, you do what McGreavy does and express to your loved one something you don't see as your behavior and have your behavior pointed out to you. Even less lucky, you read it in Information Week, and think: wow, that's me. Way less lucky? You never know. You never take that moment and realize that what used to be incredibly self-bolstering and helped you feel good once, i.e., that you always answer and are always on call, has become a cage and an unnecessary one that no one asked you to lock yourself in.


We are concerned about BYOD, but are we just as concerned about our dependence on devices in lieu of human connection? Are we concerned that we must always be "on," always connected, and always available?


See you on the boards,


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