Hey everyone,

Let me start off with a bit of reassurance to our more reactionary friends out there. No, there is no lack of engagement and we are not trying to make up for any kind of lull in engagement on the site. Indeed, far from it. We are celebrating your engagement and we are looking to bring even more people to the community we've built. We want you to look around, find what you want, hang out, chat with your peers, share your issue, get us involved, request enhancements, look for fixes and customizations.


Meanwhile, we have a really cool program that has been in full swing for a year and we'd simply like to spice it up a touch more. Again, we love that you already chat with our ambassadors, so this is really more of a reward for being freaking cool.


Alright, what's the deal and how do you get in on it? Pretty much, do what you have been doing (chat up our Ambassadors) or start. We are going to have a monthly drawing for an iPod Nano. You comment on the current Ambassador's post, you're in the pool. There are terms and conditions, but to cut to the chase, you get one entry for each Ambassador post you comment on, not each comment. Anyway, they're pretty darn snazzy and the latest and greatest Nano-toy from Apple, what's to hate?



More nitty gritty... the contests start on the first of the month and we will draw on the first of the following month. We will announce our winner shortly thereafter. There will be 2 Ambassadors most every month, so you should have the ability to get your name in the pool 8 times.


We are continuing to roll this through the year monthly.

Enjoy, respond, engage....


See you on the boards,