Hi everyone,

I can't stand when I realize that nagging feeling that you've forgotten something isn't just a feeling. It has been way too long between my posts here on thwack. I know some of you probably were enjoying the silence, but... it's time for me to break it up... ring some bells, get in the spirit.


The Community Team has been hard at work planning and puzzling out the future. Meanwhile, as I'm sure many of you have noticed, we've put our content engine into 5th gear... maybe overdrive, to provide 15 or more blogs per week. While you may see some slowdown over the holidays (rightfully so, in my opinion--our elves need a break, too), you can expect the engine to keep humming along.


Next in line, we're working to get the mobile site launched for thwack, the next version of the game into the world, announce our new MVPs, there's a great deal waiting in the new year. Stay with us, it should be eventful. At least we're consistent?


We're also looking to get our Head Geeks even more involved on the site and in the community at large, and are very happy to have them watching and engaging: LGarvin and patrick.hubbard.


We've lined up some fantastic Ambassadors for the next quarter, too... and are working with our legal department to make sure we can introduce some mission-specific contests, and, while we're at it, we're adding numerous items to the store. Keep your eyes on the THWACK Point System - Updated March 6, 2018 and thwack Missions and the store itself.


So, watch for these developments and more.

And, of course, we are always open to suggestions, please send them our way (MTorok, DanielleH, and spugatch). We're listening.


Hope the holidays are quiet and the alerts don't drift against your door.


See you on the boards,