Hi Everyone,

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I know that might seem a bit strange... though, come to think of it, my office has a Dia de los Muertos mask in it, a couple Softer World comics framed (including this werewolf one), and a graphite drawing of a harbor with black balloons floating over it. So, my love of Halloween is probably not a surprise to many of my colleagues. Anyway... I like the dark. I like the hum of machinery, I like the flicker of random lights and the sound of power surging back through the lab as the generators kick in during a power outage.


Enough of that, all I really want to do is wish you all a Happy Halloween and ask you to join me in posting your pumpkin carvings here... I would love to see them. Not a contest... just a place to show off your cool pumpkins?


I had a bit of fun and found this one was easier than I thought...

Travis Southwest-20121030-00025.jpg

Travis Southwest-20121030-00026.jpg

Travis Southwest-20121030-00029Crop.jpg


Though, I was crushed on my second one... the thwack logo... letters too close, lack of forethought about negative space -- failure was upon me. So, someone show me up. Show me your Deathstars... your Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde... your ghouls, your Kirby, your Mayan temples... how you let loose on your favorite Halloween gourd.


And, if not... Happy Halloween anyway and please stay safe.


See you on the boards (and show me your pumpkins),