Happy Halloween!

Posted by MTorok Oct 31, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I know that might seem a bit strange... though, come to think of it, my office has a Dia de los Muertos mask in it, a couple Softer World comics framed (including this werewolf one), and a graphite drawing of a harbor with black balloons floating over it. So, my love of Halloween is probably not a surprise to many of my colleagues. Anyway... I like the dark. I like the hum of machinery, I like the flicker of random lights and the sound of power surging back through the lab as the generators kick in during a power outage.


Enough of that, all I really want to do is wish you all a Happy Halloween and ask you to join me in posting your pumpkin carvings here... I would love to see them. Not a contest... just a place to show off your cool pumpkins?


I had a bit of fun and found this one was easier than I thought...

Travis Southwest-20121030-00025.jpg

Travis Southwest-20121030-00026.jpg

Travis Southwest-20121030-00029Crop.jpg


Though, I was crushed on my second one... the thwack logo... letters too close, lack of forethought about negative space -- failure was upon me. So, someone show me up. Show me your Deathstars... your Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde... your ghouls, your Kirby, your Mayan temples... how you let loose on your favorite Halloween gourd.


And, if not... Happy Halloween anyway and please stay safe.


See you on the boards (and show me your pumpkins),


Everyone, I just wanted to say that our thoughts are with those of you battling Sandy. You are all in the forefront of our minds. The aftermath was enough to rock my parents'  world in Cleveland. Erie is always angry, but the waves were incredible at Burke Lakefront Airport. I can't imagine what my friends in DC and New York and Virginia and really the entire east coast from NC up to Maine are dealing with.


Stay warm and safe.




Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on getting this info into the right hand pane of the ideas posts, but I thought I would go ahead and get it out there in the world before I start hacking. Just a quick note to say, "Yes, you do need to log in to vote and comment." We want you to vote on the ideas and we want you to comment on discussions, but we also want you to join our thriving community. We want you to engage with us in more ways than a click or a quick comment. We appreciate your desire to be anonymous and there are many ways to protect your personal info, even when you provide it in your profile (take a look here: You have every right to prefer not to...).

On that note, we want to openly acknowledge that an issue was discovered in our instance of Jive in regards to mentioning people. It seems, right now, that when you @ an individual, whether they want their full name revealed or not, it is. I apologize for this and want everyone to be aware that we are implementing a fix on Wednesday night. Our friends at Jive jumped on this and back-ported a fix for us.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you to all of you for your patience.


See you on the boards,


Hi everyone,

I am very excited to share the launch of our EOL Lookup space in thwack. Here at SolarWinds, we are always looking at ways to give back to our current community and to the broader IT community at large. One of the concerns we've heard is that EOL information is often found in numerous different locations, and certainly spread between vendors. For those of you in heterogeneous environments, this often means cruising to multiple vendor websites to hunt down this information. It gets even worse if you're Googling the devices one at a time...


Why bother with EOL dates?

  • Keep abreast of information on device support from vendor
  • Plan well in advance for network expansion and growth
  • Be better informed and equipped for device replacement
  • Track network device inventory for effective Network Change and Configuration Management


These are the goals we'd like to achieve and the pain we'd like to alleviate.

Currently, we've located and provided end-of-life information about Cisco and Juniper network and security devices in the space. But, this isn't just a date next to a router, switch, load balancer, WAP, or security device.


Sure, we provide the end of life announcement, the last shipment date, the last date of support, and the last date of hardware or software support, but we offer you even more:

  • Find the link to the actual EOL announcement and news
  • Search using either the spotlight search on the top right -- this searches a broad selection of titles, model, vendors, et cetera
  • Or, search using the page's widget -- letting you select a vendor, product line and then pinpoint a device by exact model name
  • Need to find the space and don't remember the thwack URL? No issues, check out


We are not done.

We are going to add more vendors.

We are going to expand our coverage and our vendor range (of course).

We will update the space monthly, at a minimum, providing you relevant information in a timely manner.

Come check it out. And don't forget to signup for our space updates (top right).


Huge thanks to numerous people in getting this new resource launched. Please join me in thanking ram.esakky, ccarvajal, DanielleH, fcaron and everyone else that touched this launch.

See you on the boards,


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